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  1. How Did You Find Adreamact.com?

    I have a pregunta!! how do u find out were you get your APPLICATION sent too ?
  2. dose anybody know what dose it mean to be on Initital review and how long it takes ?

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    2. Jackie1990


      it takes about 6 months that's what I was told today

    3. Gezinha


      there are people in this very website that have been waiting for 18 months.

    4. Angel_1472


      well it all depends my case took less than 3 months so i mean theres alot of factors that can effect it, but if its all good it should be in a period of 4-6 months

  3. On July 19 2014 I went in to take the biometrics, and I haven't heard from them since, and I'm wondering, if any ones knows what it means to be on INITIAL REVIEW, I checked my status online with my receipt number and it told me that they received my application on June 6.... this is killing me especially because I have my 1st baby on the way, and want to provide the best way I can. Another question is, if anyone knows for what reasons wouldn't you get approved... would be aswome! if someone can let me know please !!
  4. Welcome to the forums juanValdoRa :)