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  1. Got A Rfe.. Bur Stuck

    Not even pics if it has a date on it ??
  2. Got A Rfe.. Bur Stuck

    I got a rfe that I need to prove 2007 and on june 2012 & 2013. I'm almost absolutely stuck with 2007 I may can figure something out but not sure. But the only other evidence I could possibly use for 2012 & 2013 is Facebook status and or pics. My question is hav anyone use fb as evidence ? And hav u been approved ?? Also has anyone missing evidence for 2007 approved ? I need help. Trying to stay positive
  3. 8 Months!!!!

    Thanks for ur encouragement
  4. 8 Months!!!!

    I sent a lot of evidence also.. multiples for each year except for 2007 I only send notified hand written affidavits adviced by my lawyer since I had nuttin for that year I also sent evidence I fiund for 2006. .. recently I remember I was on MySpace around 2007 but I can't retrieve my info bcaz I forget it.. but I haven't received any requests so In positive I'm waiting for my approval
  5. 8 Months!!!!

    Well if I count frm date of biometric on March 12 . Its 8 months today smh
  6. 8 Months!!!!

    Me either. They tranfer my caae August 13 and I ain't hear nuttin.. btw I apply February too..
  7. Why Is It Taking Soo Long ?!?

    Can u give me the link u use to check status online @jay
  8. 8 Months!!!!

    Btw u was never issued a rfe right ?
  9. 8 Months!!!!

  10. Any February Applicants Still Waiting

    Have any of yall got approved yet ??
  11. Any February Applicants Still Waiting

    Mine also in February. Bios March. . Got transfer in August. && waiting how is yall progress ??
  12. Applied In 2013

    I also applied in February & still waiting. . How old are u ?
  13. Still Waiting ??

    Thanks Nancy. . I was jus wondering If there is any one still waiting from last year. I kno they hav back work piled up but they should be getting to it together now. I do believe && thank God already. . I'm jus ready for my blessing
  14. Major Panic!!!! \o/

    congrats. . My timeline similar. . App receive february 4 Bios march 12 Transfer August 13 Still waiting. . Was ur case ever got transferred ? How old are u ?
  15. So uscis recieve my app in february did bios in march case transfered in August did a service request last week and receive this notice few days later.. I wasn't expecting a response till 15 days. I dnt kno how to feel.. The status of this service request is: Recently, you or your representative contacted USCIS concerning your I-821D to notify us that you believe your case is outside of our normal processing time. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue has been or may be resolved. Your petition/application is still pending consideration. We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition/application. What You Can Do Please see the "Online Services" below to check the status of your case in the near future. We apologize for the delay.