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  1. I got approved for renewal on may 19th,and on may 21st i got an email saying my card was mailed to me. Since then it's been 2 weeks and have yet to receive my card is anyone having the same issue?
  2. So i don't know if this is asked before but, I decided to enroll in college because its been a dream to go. But i never knew that since i live in texas that i could apply for tafsa. So after HS i didn't even think it was possible. Anywho fast foward 12 years later..(i know a long time). Since i received DACA i found out about getting money for college. i don't know if i'm mistaken but i've read that tasfa doesn't pay for everything other than like maybe half per semester. Is this true? I've never actually gone through this i'm fairly new and would like anyone's feed back who already has gone through this..by the way i'm trying to go for nursing. Any input would be helpful thanks..
  3. Renewing DACA 2018

    You should be fine ...my sis applied in Feb. because her’s expired in march and she got approved a few weeks ago.
  4. Well apparently is lost somewhere I've already contacted USPS...this totally sucks I was supposed receive it may 23rd that's according to the tracking tool but it never left Kansas City.
  5. Congrats!!! I also got approved on the 19th of May. It feels good that I got approved. I was worried for awhile, being that I did my renewal on my own and didn't want to fork up $1,500 to the lawyer who originally did my initial application. I just couldn't believe that they would charge that much for a renewal, which wasn't hard at all to fill out, I'm just glad everything turned out ok. But anywho congrats again...by the way does anyone know if the renewal is for 2 years or 3?
  6. Has Anyone Else...

    They are hiring for the holidays...so good luck..
  7. Has Anyone Else...

    I'm currently working at walmart..I just started this week I applied in August and they barely called..last week im hired as a temp though. Wich is fine because I really need a job.
  8. Approval Question??

    I got my ead card within 3 days..but my letters I got them a week later.
  9. He should definitely apply..like the above poster said that shouldn't affect him at all..my husband (us citizen) gets medicaid for our 2 kids and it didnt affect me at all because im not the one receiving the benifits, but our 2 US born kids are. So if anything its good cuz that shows that you need him to get a work permit so he can help you out with the bills.
  10. He's a us citizen..but he's freaking out for me..lol ain't that weird..but thanks for your advice I hope he can stop freaking out..now!
  11. Which id did you show the ead or the state id? Im heading to laredo tx this weekend and theres a checkpoint coming back and my hubby is freaking out cuz he thinks that they are gonna say something. Im trying not to freak myself out but its kinda scary.
  12. Anyone Need Resume Help Or Interview Help?

    I need resume help..ive worked since I was 15 in a small restaurant that opened just the weekends and where I would get paid cash I worked there till like I was 23 and now im 28 and no longer work there. Can I actually put that on my resume? I also worked six months in another restaurant and also got paid cash but its been about 4 years since I actually worked (I have kids and im married) so at the time I really didn't need to work. . But now I need to get a job to help my husband out with the growing bills. I've also babysat so I don't know what to include in my resume or how to even start..any help would be good or suggestions
  13. Texas!!!

    Yes it does..it will say limited term in green letters not red at least mine is not and its a Texas id. It sucks that it says that but i will take that than nothing at all..
  14. You do get 2 letters..I got my ead card first and a week later I got my i821 approval letter and my work permit letter im sure you'll get it soon...but to get your ssn and id/drivers license you only need ead card and birth certificate
  15. I got that same answer when my husband did a service request for me, then like a week later I was approved... I also contacted my Congressman but he really didn't help much...hopefully you get approved soon. . Good luck
  16. Affidavit

    Totally disregard my comment..I just read what Joseg put about the guidelines that really is a tough one. .
  17. Affidavit

    I had gaps on my timeline and I really didn't have anything else to show, due to the fact that I didn't work or had a debit card ect. Everything was under my husband's name. So my lawyer told me I needed letters from family members, neighbors,landlord, friends that knew I was here at the months that I was missing. My husband typed some up had people sign them and got a print out of their id, and turned them in. Yesterday they approved me without getting an rfe. I suggest if you really can't find anything then to send some. Also just make sure the people that you get letters from are u.s. citizens or residents. Hope this helps. .
  18. October 2012 Cases

    I know..I really thought I would be waiting for at least 9 months. What's your time line?
  19. October 2012 Cases

    I meant ead approved 06/27/2013...sorry lol
  20. October 2012 Cases

    Aplication received 10/22/2012 Nebraska center Biometrics 11/23/2012 on my bday Ead approved 07/27/2013 Notified by email After 8 long months of waiting I finally got approved yesterday June 27 2013. For everyone that's still waiting don't give up hope your time will come. As many of you have said the long wait was worth it, and it really does surprise you out of nowhere.