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  1. I have taken college classes since August of 2012 with 1 or 2 classes at  time.  I pay in state tuition ever since but what has help me is a pay in payments. monthly have been helpful for me since the whole student loan is difficult to get one. I hope you will look into the possibility of making payments plan its a little help instead of paying them in full.

  2. Do I need to take a translated version of my Birth certificate ? If so where can I do that?

    You can have a Public Notary translated usually in banks someone is a Public notary and if you have a bank account in that  bank you won't get charge, its free of charge at least where I bank at Wells Fargo.

  3. Omg thanks sotero_gonzalez for your response I really need some kind of resume , because in this job hunt pfff .. It's been hard without the resume ... I've applied in so many places .. You name it groceries stores , restaurants, mall stores and no interview no call backs ... Thanks again

  4. Hi everyone , I need help on how to write a resume , I don't know where to start from?

    I am bilingual and I have computer skills but I lack work experience I haven't work in my life but have volunteer in school , church.

    I haven't had any luck finding a job. I got approved since Nov.!! :/ and no luck. I've applied in local supermarket, target, Yonkers, Red lobster, Olive Garden and even applied in a job agency but still nothing please help!!!!

    Please anyone can help I appreciated ?