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  1. Anyone Applied In Late 2012? Or 2013?

    Be patient guys! your day will come! I was aproved on march 6th and will be taking my DL drivers portion tomorrow (already received ss card and state ID) im in IL btw ive just updated my timeline sorry for the late response
  2. Aproved For Daca Ssn Help?!

    Thank you so much for your help! Since ill be applying for healthcare jobs usually from experience the reference letter tey send to previous employers has a line for them to write your san will changing it tomorrow maybe hope it all goes well And ill he updating my time line right now havent had a chance to do it
  3. Aproved For Daca Ssn Help?!

    I was just aproved for daca this week !! And waiting on my ead to arrive! Has anyone tried or succeded changig their ssn at work to the new one?? I live in IL and ive only had one job worked at my job for over 2 years now and would like to apply at a hospital! (Im a nursing major) i wanted to liste my current job as a reference but my ssns wont match ive heard ppl have changed their at work with no problems but id like more opinions/experiences. Also has anyone changed the ssn on their CNA license?? Thanks in advance
  4. Anyone Applied In Late 2012? Or 2013?

    so ive sent my application in January and im up to my bio metrics (i did a walk in on Tuesday) anyone else that applied in January or late November December?? i see lots of threads on people who have applied earlier but none about anyone who have recently applied..
  5. Welcome to the forums Gymnastics_junkie19 :)