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  1. what exactly is selective services? i got a letter saying i have to sign up but dont really know what selective services is?
  2. Not Approve For Credit

    Do you have to resign your ssn is it necessary?? Can you do it online?
  3. ive been trying to apply for credit at different stores but each store denies me all the time, they either say i have not credit history so they cant approve me, or that it doesnt go through. ive read that you have to tell the irs to rescind your itin and use your ssn. do you guys think thats the problem? i havent mailed the iris yet, and im trying to start credit but keep getting denied left and right
  4. Building Ur Credit After Daca

    If u had a bank account for a few years u can apply for a secure credit card, but ull need to put like 300 down, at least thts what my bank told me last time i went in
  5. I send my rfe on the 2nd of these month and today i got an email from uscis saying that my card was in production so im guessing if u send everything they need, it will be fast about a week
  6. Hang in there guys ur time will come,uscis recieve my application oct 19, 2012 and last month they send me a rfe and just today i check my status and they are in production on my card, so i waited a long time too, every time i would call my lawyer he said that uscis was behind on reviewing applications, and i did the same thing call uscis a few times and put some service request
  7. Starting To Lose Hope :(

    My sister and i apply on august too and did our bios in nov 21 she got approved 3 days ago and i got an rfe, its taking them a while, u should call and ask about ur status, can you check your status online?
  8. Two Rfe's???

    Yes i was in high school during those years, and i sent in my transcript along with my school ids but i guess they still want more evidence i will try to get my attedance record and a letter from my school
  9. Two Rfe's???

    I do have a transcript from high school showing all my grades since freshman to senior and i did send that with my packet should i send it again
  10. Rfe From Laguna Niguel

    Hey jose quick question do u have a link were i can go and email uscis about my case? Last time i was on the phone for almost 3 hours and the lady didnt even know wat was going on with my case
  11. Two Rfe's???

    Alright guys they send me an rfe needing more evidence for the yesrs 07-08 but i cant see to find any evidence from those two years, the thing i can only think of is going to the school and asking them for a lettter stating that i was attenting school at that time or ask one of my old teacher to write me a letter saying i was in his clads for those two years
  12. Two Rfe's???

    Anyone knows how long itll take for u to receive an RFE?? I cant see the status of my case online so i call uscis and they said theyre gonna send me a letter asking for more evidence its been a month already and still havent recieve the letter
  13. Check Your DACA Case Status

    So im still waiting guys heres a screenshot of case anyone can tell me why they have review my case and not the other Http://
  14. October 2012 Cases

    I did call them and they said their was an error with the system and to wait 30 days, which I doubt cuz my other application still says initial review
  15. October 2012 Cases

    Had my bios taken on nov 21 and still waiting, and now when I check on my i821D I get a message saying that they dont have any info for my case but when I check on my i765 its stil on initial review its been stuck there sinc oct 19 :/