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  1. If this draft is real or not, The Obama plan is flawed! just like the dream act. They're poorly written & thought of & there's a whole bunch of loop holes & will make the immigration problem worse.Dead bill walking lol. Economy issues need to be fix instead of spending time playing golf in Florida. Defense cuts need to be fix. Advance Parole is a one way ticket according to BP for those EWIs, 18+ & single. & yall dreamers might get a surprise around summer/fall.
  2. Rawf- thanks & Nope, Havent check the other one, honestly I don't really care about the other one. JoseG- I-766 went from initial review to Card Production on Monday & today it went from card production to post decision activity. But if it's normal then it's cool I guess. thanks.
  3. Idk about NY but nationally you can apply for private scholarships.(They been around for yrs)
  4. So on Monday my status was Card/Document Production & that I will receive the card within 30 days. So I check my status today & it went back to post decision activity saying that an approved letter for EAD was emailed... Is this normal or what?
  5. Yea they will if they buying a car that they can't afford it.
  6. Considering Advance Parole

    1. humanitarian reason = family member is extremely sick basically days are counted for them or have die & you going to the funeral. 2. As of right now, If u have accrued unlawful presence, you will be denied entrance even if you were granted AP.
  7. Treating myself to the new Benz CLA-250 Sport with all the extra goodies in it. Currently driving a 2011 Audi A4.
  8. I'm going Wednesday to LA & camp pendleton to party & visit a few buddies. Then FL in spring break!
  9. Lizzy23- definitely call customer service, cus today one of my attorneys called me saying I was approved (I was hoping to hear news about my AOS case) but it was the EAD & DACA so eh... Anyways my case status said that I should be receiving my EAD within 30 days.
  10. dianaa1993- in Illinois you only need a passport, ssn card,EAD, & 2 residency documents(Vehicle registration card & utility bill), if you need more info. Go to the DMV page.
  11. READ!!!!! not final but they're likely going with this outline. 1. Awesome! I like this outline. Looks & sounds like my outline. 2. This whole Immigration Reform effort sounds just like the 2007 & so I wouldn't be surprise if it fails or passes. 3. News for you dreamers, y'all might get to skip the probational status stage & apply for permanent residency unless they include the dream act. 4. Hopefully the dream act gets rewritten correctly or they make another dream act. because the present dream act is poorly written.
  12. whats with these state bills all over the country? What's the purpose? Can someone explain these bills to me??? Im clueless... I think I read somewhere that a bill in California will give dreamers state financial aid?? Really? isn't California already broke?? In another note, I love reading this article comments, they're funny- Tax wall street?? lmfao HEY! I love wall street.... It payed my school debt, half of my parents house, & my car. I looove America & taters(redneck accent) lol
  13. The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform

    and BOOM... lol I wish it will be that easy.....