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  1. .... Thanks for the image Jose =>
  2. DACA Process [Timelines]

    .... I'm gonna call tomorrow even if its not 6montha yet
  3. Ssn & State Id, Coming Soon!

  4. DACA Process [Timelines]

  5. I Finally Got Approved!!!!

  6. Scholarships/financial Aid

    Date Application Sent: August 23th 2012 Lockbox Application Sent To: Phoenix Arizona Date Application Received/Accepted:August 27th 2012 and re-routed in Vermont Date of Biometrics: September 27th 2012 Date of Approval: soooon I hope =\ Date EAD Mailed: sooon I guess o_O Date EAD Received:soon,tomorrow would b nice. => Date Applied for SSN: seriously it's dire Date Applied for DL/ID:soon cause I'm fantasying It Date DL Received:soooon,now is better Date Dream Job Started: soon,as a nurse/doin-massage
  7. Approved

  8. Are You Still Waiting?

  9. Are You Still Waiting?

  10. Are You Still Waiting?