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  1. URGENT!!! Please sign and call one of the family members of the people doing the hunger strike in Arizona in being deported tonight

  2. Advance Parole

    It doesn't take that long. I read about a girl that applied for Advanced Parole and she said the process was really fast. I just can't remember exactly how long it took. She went to Mexico because she had to take some classes in Queretaro. But everything went well, she was able to re-enter US territory without any problems
  3. Haven't been in this page in a while, but hope everyone is doing great! and congrats to all of you who have been approved and for those still waiting your approval will come soon ^_^ hang in there guys :)

  4. Omg Finally Approved !!

    Yay congrats!! I'm happy you finally received your approval after a very long wait
  5. Approved!!!

    Congrats!!! happy for you!
  6. What Do You Guys Think?

    Like Gezinah and Jose said every case is different. I sent my application one week before my sisters and both of them got approved first than me. They both got approved on the same month. Just hang in there yours will come as well
  7. Hey guys/gils we need your support. We want governor Jerry Brown (Gov of CA) to sign the Trust Act to stop secure communities which gives police the authority to ask anyone proof of legal stance. Secure communities is separating families. The police dep. is taking advantage of Sec. Comm. so please pass the word and share the live stream!

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      thanks in advance!

  8. Yes what Jose said, it depends on the person who is inputting your info in the system. I got my ID for 6 years and my DL for 5 The written test is not hard if you study. Some people study out of tests from people who took it already, but I recommend reading the whole handbook it wont take you that long it took me like 3 hours to read the whole thing. I also study the tests from other people, but when i took the written test there was only one question that was exactly the same as one of the ones i studied from the tests. But overall it's really easy if you read the handbook The driving test (behind the wheel test) was okay it wasn't that hard, but I guess getting nervous doesn't help! I failed on my first try but passed it on my second try. I guess it also depend the area where you are driving when your doing the test. You should search some videos on youtube, that's what I did and it helped a lot! Good luck and let us know how things go once you take the tests
  9. College Help?

    Yes you can apply for Calgrants but there is a deadline and it already passed, but if you are attending a community college I recommend that you apply for the BOG fee waiver (Board of Governors fee waiver) It will pay for your enrollment fees the only thing that you would have to pay is health fee, Remote Reg fee and other minor fees, no more than $40 dollars.
  10. It's gonna be a tough fight, but we have to keep on putting pressure on them and like you said hope for the best!
  11. Surprise In The Mail!!

    Oh the I-821D, I received both notices on the same day. Like 3 days later after I checked my status online. that's weird :/ you should give them a call and see why is that
  12. How Has Life Changed?

    Well changes are still in progress... I'm still looking for a job and nothing has come up since I don't really have any work experience, but other than that I have my DL , I'm finally able to legally drive don't have to take the bus any more to go to school!! so that's great!!
  13. I Was Approved

    yay Congrats!!! so happy for you!!!
  14. Surprise In The Mail!!

    sure np ... the 182? not sure what that is
  15. Hi , I'm New To This Forum

    Hi, it will eventually come don't worry, hang in there and welcome to the forum!!
  16. Surprise In The Mail!!

    yay Congrats!! I went to get my SSN the day after I received my EAD
  17. Finally :):):):):):)

  18. Thank You!!

    Congratulations!!! so happy for you!
  19. I Been Approved =>

    Congrats!! so happy for you!
  20. At Last Approved!!

    yay! Congrats!!!
  21. College Tuition After Daca

    Sorry to hear that .... but like pswa and Rawf said do some research, maybe your state does offer some kind of financial aid for you, or maybe there's a waiver or something The Assembly Bill 540 is only for the state of CA.
  22. I Got Approved!!

    yay! Congrats!!!
  23. Congratulations!!!! so happy for you!!