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  1. Hello, I'm Erika

    Itzel: thanks ... @roadrunner11: me too i really hope everything goes well . and yes we have to show the government that we have something to offer to this country and that we are serious about our education
  2. Hello, I'm Erika

    Raul : thanks . yeah it sucks, but we have to keep trying our best
  3. Hello, I'm Erika

    oh wow! i did write a lot lol :b
  4. I am Santiago, and this is my story...

    Wow, seems like you have been through a lot, but you haven't given up and that's good!! and don't give up! keep on striving for the best and keep on fighting for your dream(s). Thanks for sharing your story

    I guess it depends on the state, but I've heard that after you send it, it usually takes about 10 days to get your biometric's appointment