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    Learn and give information about dream act
  1. Can you join the military with the deferred action been looking around on the web and could not even find it on this website even called immigration and they told me to contact military and i went to the military office they told me to contact immigration its a back and forward thing.
  2. Documents Required To Get A Dl/id ?

    Thank you i will give it a try i'm going to let them know once i go tomorrow.
  3. Documents Required To Get A Dl/id ?

    I took my passport, birth certificate, SSD, EAD and 2 residential address required by florida DMV. they even gave me a DL# because it lets me be on the system but when they where about to send it in to the capitalthe computer need that number i'm guessing as a confirmation .
  4. What are the required documentation you need to take to the DMV to get a DL/ID ? I'm asking this question because i have been to the DMV to get my DL and they said i need another document because on the system it shows that i'm a resident and they need to put a number i'm not sure what they actually talking about they don't even know what the exactly document is they actually told me to go to immigration and talk to them that they will help me out been to immigration office wasted of time they told me that everything is fine on the system to actually call a number i called the number they gave me and what they told me on the phone was that they don't have no way to access my information at all same day called immigration was on the phone for about 1 hour or so trying to contact them and they told me i need to take a document that they sent me on the mail i took everything i needed to the DMV but not sure what document it is that they want so if you have any idea please share ? BTW im from Florida.
  5. Welcome to the forums Hector Santana :)