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  1. European Soccer League

    Okay this sounds fun: La Liga - Fc Barcelona. (My team since I was born & til I die) PL - Chelsea Bundesliga - Bayern Munich & Borussia Dortmund Serie A - Juventus.
  2. Music Sharing

    This is by far my favorite band of all time (not my favorite song because I have many) , let me know if anyone likes it.
  3. Perhaps this has been answer before somewhere on here but im pretty tired to check at this time of the night I have 2 questions to everyone that lives in Texas and already got their I.D. or DL. How old do you have to be to get your I.D.? (I read somewhere on the web that you have to be at least 15) is that true? & what are the things you have to take with you when you go to get your I.D.? thanks in advance
  4. It amazes me that this is actually happen , I would of thought people would know and be careful with the great opportunity it has been given to us.
  5. SSN Question

    thanks to all of you for the reply! I will definitely learn my # . & Congrats to all of you too
  6. SSN Question

    I got my ssn by mail today and im just wondering if I can make a copy (scan it) just to keep a copy of it. would in anyway damage the ssn card if I scan it?
  7. Thanks! & Do you know if you're 16 does your parent have to go with you to get your ssn?
  8. Quick question for anyone that has gone and done this already, Can you choose another address for them to send you the ssn?
  9. So Im guessing I will get a email about it anything, right?
  10. Hello Everyone! First off sorry if this question has been asked before on here but I went today to my Biometrics appointment and surprisingly it was really fast. After I was done , I asked one of the workers what I had to do after and she just said "you're done." Im just wondering what happens after the Biometric appointment? I read that you have to check your case online daily to see how it goes and that you will get something in the mail or your email? and does anyone know how long this takes on average? Im sorry if Im asking to much questions , Im just trying to be sure. Best of luck to everyone!
  11. Welcome to the forums indieBlocs :)