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  1. I came to this country 3 months after I turned 16 does that complicate my case?
  2. Well my passport is Deff an evidence cuz I issued it here 2 month after I got here which was back in June 06
  3. I don't have any criminals records .... But just making sure I wanna go to someone who knows the deals about it. Thank you.
  4. So I went to my consul and I can't get a new passport cuz the ran out of it. It will three months ... Can I still do my paper works with my experided passport or with any type of ID from my country?
  5. Hey guys so I've been lose in this situation ... I have no idea where to go to fill out the applications ... Of anybody from NYC knows please let me know.
  6. Travel ??

    Thank you.
  7. Travel ??

    Thank you.
  8. Travel ??

    Would anybody be able to travel overseas with the next law?
  9. Welcome to the forums Anfboii :)

    1. Anfboii


      Thank you. I'm so excited for been able to find this blog. Such of great information is available in here.