Rules and Regulations

This announcement is no longer active



You are not allowed to post personal information.

Personal Information Includes but not limited to:


Legal Names

Home Address

Phone Number(s)

Email Addresses or Instant Messenger IDs


Attacks on users or moderators, or comments made to incite an argument are not allowed.

There is a difference between criticizing someone's ideas or actions, and outright attacking them.

If you are caught using overly harsh or threatening language in comments, you will be banned.

If someone is attacking or provoking you, report the comment and moderators will deal with it as soon as possible.

Illegal Activities

Discussion of activities that are illegal in the United States of America are strictly forbidden.

These activities include but are not limited to:

Illegal Drug Use

Computer Hacking

Downloading or Sharing files/commercial software for free without permission of the copyright owner.


Inappropriate Content

Comments that contain inappropriate content have no place here.

Such content includes but is not limited to:

Sexually Explicit Content


Hateful Language

Violence or Violent Language

Quitting Threads (site/forum related)

Insults or Badwords

Trolling and/or Spamming

Do not troll and/or spam.

This includes but is not limited to:

Making irrelevant, off topic posts or links


Posting the same content in multiple topics

Making parody threads

Intentionally posting false/misleading information


Talking about other websites for the purpose of advertising is not allowed.

Do not post referral links

Ambiguous/Misleading Titles, Misplaced Threads

Moderators might move threads from time to time, that's common. But they will not constantly move your misplaced threads or fix the titles all the time.

Title your threads appropriately.

Make thread(s) in the appropriate forum.