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Traveling Outside The States!!! I Need Help/info!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello. New to this forum.
I am currently on my first renewal of the DACA.
well recently, I realized that I am due to serve in the army of the country I am from. (South Korea.)
to do that, I need to go to the SK and get my physicals done.
the issue is I am worried about the return.

I am unsure about the policies of the DACA, but I have been told that DACA will only allow the departure under three categories.

1. Family Issue. (death, near death etc.)
2. Business (Business Trip etc.)
3. School Related (study abroad etc.)

well since my reason would be about the army or the duty given under my current citizenship, and it is some what pretty critical,
I want to know if that would be a legitimate reason for me to visit a different country for a moment.

Has anyone left the states and safely/ligally returned for the reasons other than those three?

What exactly is their policy? where should I start looking into?

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