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Hi there. I see this is a site full of people like me. And I love you guys for that.

But unfortunately I never got my papers due to deferred action. Because I arrive at the age of 16. I'm 29 now.

I live by my matricula and my passport.

I'm about to travel to Panama City Beach, FL from Chicago just as a vacation.

But I don't know how the roads may be. Has anyone else done this? Is it safe? I'm in distress that I might have to cancel my long awaited vacations due of fear. I'm traveling by bus (Megabus) to Nashville with my girlfriend (Who's a US citizen) and meet with my FL best friend there. Then we are driving to FL. Then we are driving back all the way to Chicago from Panama City.

I need helo. Should I cancel? Am I worrying too much?


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