Longest Wait Time For Deferred Action?

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 I applied September of 2012. They asked for a request for evidence, and I replied around November/December of 2012. It is now July 2014!!!! It will be 2 years in a couple of months.. very frustrated with this process, I have a lawyer actively notifying the Nebraska center every 30 days, I have involved a congressman's office.. All they manage to reply is that it is in the background process.. I'm just tired of waiting, I want closure to this case.. bad or good.. I have no criminal history whatsoever, I should have been an incredibly easy application.. whatever happened, I don't know.. I have searched to see if anyone out there is in the same boat.. so far i haven't really found anyone else. If anyone out there has a similar story I would love to hear it, maybe it will give me a glimmer of hope. Thanks

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