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  1. Hi... I just submitted my DACA application, it was received this morning. In the question where they ask to list any social security ever used I put the false social security that I use to work with.. Will that decline my application? Has anybody ever listed false number and got approved?

    I've heard ppl sending SSN that is not theres pretty much they were stealing others ppl identity and i think thats worse than sending a fake social but at least you told the truth and thats very important to them! so good luck

  2. I have been waiting for 40 something days, and it says that you qualify if you have been waiting for 75 days...

    I am counting since the date of the Bios.

    Should I count since the day they received the application?

    your getting really close santi but im gonna admit they are taking a lil bit long sense u send ure app on the 15 of aug. but dnt worry nebraska center is probably the slowest right now! im also with them which really sucks lol wish u the best of luck ;)

  3. First off, that website is calling it the Dream Act, that right there should be an indication that they have no idea what they're talking about.

    To answer your question, no it doesn't. The form itself has an expiration date of 2/28/2013, but that doesn't mean the program will end at that date. All it means is that the form will expire on that date and another one will be released with a new date.

    thats some good news im glad it dnt end and it wont end on 2013... well hope the dream act passes

  4. one more question? okay so im confused on wat the letter say i dnt understand hope there is someone can answer my question....okay so it says that 2007,2009,2011&2012 meet the guideline wich means i send enough evidence for those years and for evidence for 2010 is unsufficient. i just want to make sure that they only want evidence for 2010..wich im right? dnt knw? really? ARE they only asking for 2010? sorry i have too much ???????? if thats correct i dnt knw why on the last page of the letter says:


    The evidence you submitted with your Form I-821D, DACA, to show that you were present in the U.S on june 15, is insufficient. You may still submit evidence, which may include, but is not limited to, copies of:

    well thats how its written in the letter i dnt understand cuz in the first page says i dnt need evidence for 2012 but reading this last page got me soo confused

  5. What did you originally send for that year?

    I would send as many things as I could get that have my name, date and address if possible.

    jose now that i think about it dnt think i send any proof for 2010 cuz that was the year i got here in i should send the whole package of my 2010 taxes or just the paper where it just say my name,address,and date the rest of the papers just say how much money i was gonna get but dnt knw if to send them....

    Yes, just in case, send as much info as possible... something for at least every few months, because brief, casual departures don't count and brief and casual would be a month or two I would say... Tax documents are definitely very good proof, but send more just to be on the safe side... highlight dates and put them in chronological order! Best of luck! God bless!

    thanks NilviaRR :) i dont knw if to send the whole package of 2010 taxes there are on my name but i got a lot of money back wich dnt have no just scared i wont get approved cuz of the much money i got back! and i didnt work on my name but the taxes are on my real name...

  6. hello i got a RFE and they want proof of 2010... my question is do i have to show them proof of the whole yr or as much as i can get will be good enough wat u guys think...can anyone help me out? will my taxes papers help me out but i dnt knw if to send everything r just that one paper where it has my name address,date...

  7. yea thats wat i heard but i want to make sure so my family can come to minnisota to visit me.... I've travel to california with my matricula but wen i tryed to come back to minnisota it wasent easy... iwas scared cuz they were calling ppl and i had to sign some paper! i thought they were calling the ice but they finally let me go that was a relieve.. but next time ill use the passport ;)