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  1. Find a easy job! Lol well I dnt care how easy it is but hope I get paid good money! Help me move foward with my lil family. Also try to get my license. Most important thing go to college wich its not gonna be easy because having kids its gonna make things a lil hard but I'm gonna work hard to accomplish my goals.
  2. hello how is everyone doing?

  3. I got a question...

    Okay thank you itzel:-) hopefully we get more information today. Good luck to everyone!
  4. I got a question...

    I know they want proof of us being here in the U.S but off all the stuff they are asking for, what is the most important thing? And when the applications are ready, where do we have to go? Can we apply on the internet? Do I need to talk to a lawyer?
  5. hey!

    My name is mayra how u all doing?
  6. hey!

    Thank you soo much something I've been waiting. Finally I can come out of my shadow and start from now on my future:-) No more hiding! Enough is enough. I'm very happy. We are blessed thank you God. Feels like home.