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  1. Hey guys so I have a few questions on the application I-765 worksheet  Part 2 Financial Information My current annual __income is $________________ My current annual expenses are $ _________________ the total current value of my assets is ____________ Part 3 Explanation


    So for this section do you put what your gross income is up to this date??? or what your income is with taxes taken out??? I put under my current annual expenses-------- My school tuition, books, and states that I helped my parents out with 300 dollars a month for bills. 


    On the explanation portion I just explained that with the renewal of my visa I will be able to keep supporting my self financially and will be able to pay for my tuition and help my parents. I did include how much my tuition is and that I work full time. Can someone help me out with how they filled the application. 


    Hope to here from someone soon. 


    Thank you

  2. Hi everyone I have a question Im filling out my  renewal application but on form I-821D number 15 asks " status on June 15, 2012 ( no lawful status, status expired, expired parole expired) so I came into the United states with a passport but ended up staying my question is should I fill out this section and as " status expired".


    Also on the education information theres a section education status " I put currently in school and will provide them with a copy of my transcript from the nursing program I am in. 


    Last question on the Form I-765 worksheet----- Part 2 Financial Information it states my current annual income is:_______ my current annual expenses are $_____________ the total current value of my assests is___________


    and the explanation.



  3. Hi everyone, 


    So I've googled this question a few time and Im not finding an answer to my question so I was hoping someone could be able to help. I am currently starting nursing school in a private community college. Since I don't qualify for financial aid I will have to apply for student loans and the school has an affiliation with Sallie Mae student loans. I contacted the Sallie Mae loan company and they sent me a manual application that I would have to fill out. The qualifications within these loans are......


    Please note that valid Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) documents may be required to finalize your loan and have the funds disbursed to your school. Due to a recent policy change, the acceptable CIS documents listed on the attached application instructions are no longer accurate. The current acceptable CIS documents include:


    * Unexpired Student Visa (type F-1, H-3, H-4, J-1, or M-1) with photograph and Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) that reflects either an expiration date, which is after the loan period end date, or indicates “duration of status.”

    o Proof of Indefinite Refugee or Asylum status on the I-94 is acceptable in lieu of a visa but a passport with your photograph is required.


    * Unexpired passport with photograph and Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) that reflects either an expiration date, which is after the loan period end date, or indicates “duration of status.” It’s also acceptable for Form I-94 to indicate proof of Indefinite Refugee or Asylum status.


    When I had googled this question someone within the forum had said they qualified for the Sallie Mae Student International loan. I was wondering if anyone knew that person or if they knew what kind of documentation they needed to send to the company. I have emailed them and asked about the Sallie Mae Student International loan but it takes up to 24 hours to receive an email back from them. 


    Does anyone know what other loans we would qualify for? its kind of tricky since my school is just starting out and it doesnt have an affiliation with any banks. 


    If someone could help me that would be awesome thank you!!!


  4. Whats a "Comer One" ?

    I applied for a capital one credit card and there was a capital one newcomer heres the link Card Details and then theres this other one http://www.capitalon...ds Card Details which is a student capital one credit card. I applied for both and got approved for one I called capital one and they said its because I should just apply for one one months and then the other one next month so well see. But yea are you applying for any?

  5. Jose do you have any credit history?? I went to my bank and they told me to apply for a secured credit card at the bank and that capital one does the same since we don't have any credit :-/ which sucks but I guess it's better than nothing

  6. Okay, so today is oficillay 3 months since I took my bios on November 15th. And 4 months since I sent mt application. :( I wish someone had told me "Angelina, it will take 5 months, at least, do not go crazy and quit your job for another one without your stuff in hand!" haha Yeah, damn it, now I am home, bored, cannot apply for a job because I don't want to make my situation worse because I don't know how a background check works, oh heavens!!! I feel worse for the people who are waiting even longer, I am lucky I am fine, I have money saved, but for those who don't only God can help. I hope they get approved faster than me. I can wait another month, I wish I didn't have to though. I wanna go to schooooool! Sorry guys, just venting, rating, bored to death!!! Well, hopefully by summer everyone who applied has been approved and we can make a contribuiton to the country and get on the path to making all our lives better. :D

    Thats the spirit I know what you mean I quit my job when the news came out also and before I was approved I had no more money saved and was going crazy it will happen when you least expect it and hopefully soon I heard they are changing the processing time to 7 or 8 months because a friend hasnt applied and thats what the lawyer told him but who know hopefully they start processing and approving people faster Best of luck! What are you think of majoring in?

  7. alicia, Walk into the interview with confidence as if you had prior experience. Keep eye contact at all times. And, if necessary mention the fact that you just received your work permit and you have prior experience that you couldn't include on the application. Most probably, they would understand that you had been working under the table because, immigration has been a hot topic for the past 5 years or so. If you don't want to detail out your situation, the best thing you can do at a job interview is have an attitude that shows you are ready for the challenge that the work might bring.

    Form my experience, If you get invited to an interview, it means you qualify for the job but they are not sure if you would fit in for their work culture. So, high confidence with the right attitude would most probably get you the job sooner than you would expect. Don't be too cocky nor too shy be in the middle and I would assure you, they would call back. Lastly, if you don't hear from them, just drop in unannounced or call them and ask how your application process is going.

    G'luck and don't give up.

    That's really good advice Im even going to take all of this into consideration

  8. Yes I think mentioning the card helps because they can help you faster since they just put all your information in the system. I had to wait 2 1/2 hours until I finally asked the lady again that I was from the deferred action and she finally just did all the paperwork it took her about 5 minutes she really helped me out. I hope I receive my card soon :) But I also just took my card and my birth certificate thats all they asked me for.

    When i went in, the front office worker asked for my EAD, and saw that it was a C33 so he asked for my Birth Certificate and in probably 10 minutes, i was time was 15 minutes....Maybe mentioning the Category Card# helps :)

    When did you go apply for your social security card?

  9. Every time I check my email I make sure I'm wide awake and read carefully... Like this morning u checked my email and you know those stupid spam emails about loans well I saw one that said "you just got approved" but I opened it and it for a loan :( lmao

    Really well mines said USCIS so I was like omg omg what is this!!! and yea it was the approval

  10. How awesome is that huh. Just when you least expect, there it is. That is so great, I am sure it is a weight lifted off your shoulders. Congratulations, I hope you get it all done very soon, and turn into a great nurse! I am very happy for you, and we all soon will be approved and feeling the same happiness to have this opportunity. :D

    Thank you so much!