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  1. Hi :)

    welcome cynthia I am also new! Best of luck to you! and my cousin also lives in arizona and he got approved in a month in a half I was amazed how fast he was approved. He had to come to New Mexico to get a license since Arizona is not allowing there students too. I hate that hopefully things change this coming up year and our parents and friends can all have a chance to apply for residency soon. A reforma is all I ask for since I was 15!
  2. New DACA statistics released by USCIS !

    Hello we are around the same time frame I sent my information October 30, 2012 Date application received by USCIS- Nov 5, 2012 Receipt date - November 6, 2012 USCIS center- Nebraska Bio metric date- December 5, 2012 Decision- still pending it drives my crazy I made an account on the USCIS website where I will receive an email or text regarding information updates but so far nothing and on my account it says that it was last updated November 15, 2012 so Im guessing they havent seen or looked at my paper work in a month while Im here going crazy! lol patience it is not a skill I pose or do very well with
  3. Who is still waiting for approval?

    If it is true that USCIS sents letter mondays and thursdays than hopefully tomorrows my lucky day. I did my biometrics December 5th! so its been 2 weeks and I thought I would be fast since I was receiving my paperwork very fast at the beginning! another thing I didn't know you could have walked in to the biometric appointment earlier than the date they sent. I would have gone earlier but I waited until it was December 5 oh well hopefully immigration gets to working fast so we all get good news soon