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  1. ... You can take any pic Id,old high school id and birth certificate to back it up,and explaing it to security guard or something.also note: dont take your cell phone
  2. Walk-ins before Biometrics appointment date

    ... I got my appointment for the biometric,funny or say weird cause the office there sending me too is literally around the corner of my house
  3. Process of DACA App

    Thanks for the info pswa83 =)
  4. ... to teach within the public school system in the united states at the pre-k through high school level,you must havve a bachelors degree in a teacher education program
  5. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    ... as long as there's enough room in back, must be black
  6. Paperwork for Deferred Act

    wow,it's nerve recking.i should start making phone calls.
  7. High school

    .... hoping this deffered policy goes well and reach out to everyone possible
  8. ... it's not judge parents,I regard probably a guardian or someone who help you come to us illegally
  9. Lawyers can help

    ... your right, that's why I recommend try probono.this is play safe concern cause of what happend to the Daniela and her sister case
  10. High school

    ... both would be honestly.if your undocumented.your kinda left will those choice or none
  11. High school

    Freshman = Grade 9 First Year year of High School Most of their Ages 14-15 some are even 16 If you were already in the U.S before turning 16,you've passed one of the requirement second, if you we're in the U.S for at least 5 years and you can prove it with medical rec,school rec,and or bills,then thats another good thing if you have all those,your more likely to be approve by deffered policy and with dream act too. best bet double check yourself here (link below)
  12. DHS has the fund to deport about 400,000 individual per year. There 12,000,000 undocumented individual in the united state . 800,000 potential applicant for deffered act. If the dream act pass and Mitt took office and repeal this act,it will equal to one mass of angry people,loose votes to get elected again. We need Change and hope,if Obama wins this november he make sure dream act will pass...