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  1. I'm Gio The New Guy

    .... Best of luck on your status
  2. I'm Gio The New Guy

  3. SUGGESTIONS please...

  4. Getting An I.d.

  5. waiting too long?

  6. Official Approval Thread - EAD And DACA

    @C_air23, hey how old are you??? Cause I'm 27.i don't it seem that's they pick and choose who they approve and seem to me that' they approved the younger once right aways and anyone closer to there 30yr old are probably forgetter about.
  7. .... You should send everyone to Vegas for a meeting,like when everyone gets ther approval and see how everyone is doing
  8. Some Arcade Competition?

  9. Hello

  10. Post funny images!

  11. Let's Have a Cash Competition?

    ...I'm in with Martha,drawing.depicting hard life as a undocumented
  12. Lawyers can help

    who can help? Make sure not to use the the service of a "notario" who cannot practice immigration law. To determine whether the person assisting you is knowledgeable and licensed,consider checking whether they are a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association ( AILA) by going to to check,they also referral service, , which is a free service for finding a qualified lawyer. I've done meetings with lawyers before.some consultations have fees,one Immigration lawyer,Michael Gurfinkle,changed me $200 for a consult few years back.theres free consults over the phone and free service called pro bono. best bet,go list all your questions and call the pro bono once and they'll answer any questions for you.I highly recommend them( lawyers guideline to any immigration move,like applying and when to sign) I think all 800,000 applicant should be considered difficult case,I'm just saying they should go all apply about it the way with right guidelines and fined print read and avoid no mistake and everything is just done right. just a thought,hope this help guys <3 hunninutz