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Job searching

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Here are a few tips on where to find jobs -

1. Online -

  • Most companies take the electronic route these days. So, if you have a company in mind you would like to work at go on their website and search for the "careers" or "jobs" link. Some even allow you to create a profile and save your resume to apply for several positions.
  • Department of Labor - All states have one. They will have online resources for job searching. Go on the website and register. Registering allows you to upload your resume and personal information such as SSN and EAD number on a secure website. Also lots of reliable employers post jobs daily, so your search is more likely going to be successful.
  • Other websites -, craigslist (BE VERY CAREFUL on here though most posts are scams so NEVER provide your personal information),

2. Old Fashion Way-

  • Go to businesses and ask for job applications. Make sure to look presentable and professional. First impressions are important.
  • Ask relatives and friends if they know of anyone hiring. You are more likely to get hired if someone you know works there already
  • Newspaper ads

That is all I can think of for now... Please feel free to add more information

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Some other hints/tips:

  • Babysitting with is also a great place to go. Nannys are always needed. Especially since the rich and wealthy are throwing money like it grows on trees lol
  • Becareful with newspapers: I applied for one last month, and I never got the job. Why? Realized I was asking too many questions when I didnt get much info about the job. BECAUSE IT WAS A SCAM!!!
  • If you are routed in the medical route, CNA classes take 2 weeks and nursing homes are always in need!
  • If you are routed in the entertainment route, paid commercials from and other companies willing to pay you for a few hours to test or use their products are there (temporary).
  • Example :
  • School internships (paid and non paid) are also available; look online, ask people or ask advisors in your college/sch

Saying this because I am now searching for a job, even before I get my SS lol

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