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Adding photos to your topics is as easy as counting one, two, three.. and here it is how! :)

Method One:

Using the Attach Files feature in the forum.


1 - Scroll to the bottom of the text area and find Attach Files.

2 - Click Choose Files... and navigate to the folder where your image(s) is/are located. Select and click Open.

3 - When the files are uploaded to the server, simply select Add to Post

Method Two:

Using External Services such as Image Hosts.

1 - Navigate to any image host (tinypic.com for example).

2 - Press Choose File and navigate to the folder where your image is located and select it, press Open.

3 - Click on Upload Now!

4 - Enter the words and click Upload Now! (Again).

5 - This is what you will be seeing after:


6 - Copy the link under IMG code for Forums & Message Board and add it to your post.

Note: The forum is going to automatically detect the tag and display the photo as soon as your topic is posted.

You can always use the link from Direct Link for Layouts and use the Image Icon


Good Luck~

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