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“Please do,” she said, patting the spot next to her.
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I saw Sue sitting over a guys mouth, he ate the doggy cum running from her ass, and his mates cum from her pussy, the new guys wide eyied seeing so much cum run free. As my dog's knot plopped out, I held his cum in, mover over Sue who was still sitting on the guys face enjoying a good licking out, bent over and with one good hard push shot loads of doggy cum all over her face and boobs, I saw it running down her body soaking the guy under her.
James: Keep yourself spread open for me honey Run the finger of your other hand gently along your inner lips, up one side and down the other, across the top just above your clitty
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“Let's take a shower.” So we invade my folks' master bathroom and all get in the shower together. It was soapy fun with fingers and soap bars getting shoved everywhere there was a hole. Josh's prick got shoved into Candice's pussy and ass for fun. Candice's pussy took it really easily, but it was obviously a little painful in her asshole. He didn't plough it knowing it would hurt without time and lube. He didn't do me, thoughI suppose that's fair, he is my brother after all. Since it was hard, we used soap as a lube and jerked him off. He didn't cum much and seemed a little weak at the knees when he did cum. Adult play time!
“Oh yes,” Liv said through a moan, coaxing me on.
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at her. Cindy looked up, and Sandy reached down to help her up, and Cindy gave her her hands. Sandy
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knees, took me into her mouth, and made oral love to me. I just stood there and enjoyed it, and

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