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- Meow... You ready for a lot of pussy? How about 3 pussies? You think you can handle all of that? I bet you can't. Theer aren't many guys that can take three at the same time. Three hot chicks all spreading their legs for you. Licking each others pussies and assholes. Licking tits, feeling every part of each others bodiies. Are you sure you can handle it all? Did I mention we are all hotties? If you think you can stand all this pussy then please join us in our chatroom and lest all get ready to cum and cummm and cummmmm.


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- Scalding chick waiting for the benefit of you. Alright, I am a bit of a tart and fairly thats okay because I am commercial and you demand me anyway. So yea I am a cutie with some attitude looking with a view fun.

Plus I wanted to make my mom happy and “quit wearing jeans all the time” as she put it. I also picked out a few spaghetti strapped tank tops and went to the fitting room to try them on. The tanks were totally showing too much cleavage, but I decided to keep one in black and one in white. Then I tried the skirt on and it fit well, but I noticed that it was about four inches above the knee, which made me uncomfortable, but I had seen other girls wear them and so I just sighed and decided that it was something that I had to do. I also noticed how it hugged my hips and how my bubble butt was stretching the back side of the skirt. I had no choice but to buy them and after some more walking through the mall we went home.
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“Oh! No, my dear. My name is Mr Berkley. I am the Butler of this fine estate. Mr Robertson and his wife will arrive this evening back from Spain.” He amusingly replied while gesturing for her to move upwards the steps.
I leaned in and started to kiss her. First our lips brushed together and then our tongues danced together. She sucked on my bottom lip and whimpered as my cock satisfied her in every way possible. I rubbed her clit and she moaned furiously into our kiss and her body shook uncontrollably. She was in a near constant state of orgasm, and the passion exuding from our love making was beginning to overwhelm me. Electricity shot up my spine and I goose bumps racked my body too as I took in the amazing feeling of my bare cock rubbing against her deepest pussy walls. Our passionate kissing continued as my cock started to stiffen inside her. Both of our eyes opened as this happened, and I gave her a look of a near apology that I was there during a moment I never wanted to end. She only responded with a huge grin and brought me back for more kissing. She reached down and felt my rock hard cock as it slid out of her and shot me a sex crazed look as I shoved it back into her again and again. Our kiss never broke as I finally hit my climax, blasting multiple huge ropes of hot cum into Danielle’s tight waiting pussy, followed up by another series of slower but thick cum filled streams.
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“Is that all Coach?”
"And your pussy wants my cock inside" he asked.
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I woke up from the sound of moaning. I looked over, wearily, at Max and saw that he was now spread out on the bed. His leg was over my body and he was stroking his cock. When I really woke up I saw that Max’s hole had been widened, and was literally soaking out cum. As in, the area around him was soaked and his hole was still filled with cum.
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Jen thought that was a great idea, so I just left it at that as I returned to concentrating on my work.

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