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I smiled, turning, twisting my gem.
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"Yes, Yes, in me, don't stop." The shots came one by one, and I felt my lubrication change as our juices mingled. I was so happy for us both as he collapsed out of breath on top of me - causing me to flop forward with him on my back til his softening organ finally popped out of me.
He walks over to us. He a pretty tall guy, about 6'2. He looks strong and he smells like cigarettes. He has on sunglasses and a bushy mustache. He looks me up and down and does the same thing to Kayla.
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"Yep, he is, Dave."
We entered the house and from the hallway saw Julia sat on the couch watching television. She clearly hadn't heard us and so I snuck up behind her, ushering to my wife to remain silent. I edged closer and was about to grab her shoulders when I realised that she had her hand down her sweat pants, her arm was slowly and rythmatically moving backward and forward as her knuckles slightly bulged her trousers.
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"Oh my God, baby! I'm about to cum!" She cried out as she pressed her hands even more firmly behind his head, grinding against him. Her hips moving more forcefully and her back fully arched, a long loud moan began escaping her lips.
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"You better cum in her you stud," Hailey said. She ran her hands up and down my body, adding to the sensations that were already starting. "Cum, cum, cum!" she chanted.

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