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- I need fucked. I fuck the shit out of an need bent over. Slide it hard and deep in my ass and make…


- I am Gemini according to the horoscope. It influences my character. My character is flexible. I can adapt to the different conditions and people. I like that I react on everything in my life with the ...

I don’t know why, but I was in a complete trance. I think it’s because I have never seen someone else’s dick so close before. Never mind the fact that it was so huge. I found myself wanting to touch it and feel it. I moved my right hand slowly towards the base of his cock. I could feel the heat coming from it as I moved my hand closer and closer. I slowly touched my finger on the side. I was surprised at how soft yet hard it felt. I steadily wrapped my hand around the lower base of his cock and couldn’t believe I couldn’t touch my other wingers. I really slowly pulled his foreskin down to try and see more of it, when he made a low groaning sound. It made me snap back to reality and I quickly pulled my hand away.
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"Urrrrhhh fu-uck Jean jus' jus' suck the head the head jus' the head."
He was wearing a light blue jean with a white t-shirt. He seemed really fit and I could tell he must gym at times. It made me feel more irritated with him, but for some reason his voice made me look at him. His dark blue eyes staring into mine. God! Why am I feeling this?
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Little did he know, but in my mind I was really sexy. I had a full shape even at that age. My boyfriend said I was the sexiest girl in class...and he should know being that he looked at girls all the time! I started wearing more sexy clothes...shorter skirts, didn't button my blouse all the way up...ankle socks and sometimes no knickers, like this "inventory" night. I liked the feeling of secretly being naked underneath...a kind of cat and mouse thing...I was the mouse and the cats were the rest of the world not knowing my little secret. Would they catch me? Up a ladder counting inventory along the chemist's shelves soon revealed to him my secret. My boss's eyes got big, his face got red, he got really nice as he looked up at me counting the bottles and things...Helping me up the ladder and down. He was touching outside my skirt, against my bottom each time I climbed to count. His hands felt nice and I knew why his face was red.
The rest of the weekend and the next week was normal. Aunt Jean never really looking at him straight on, her hand pretending to hold her profile but really just adding her fingers to the thick frames of her glasses to hide more of her freak eye.
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Feeling her close to me for an extra few seconds.
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"Yes Master."

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