U.S. Residency after advanced parole

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I applied for advanced parole early last year.  I got approved and went to Mexico in late April.  My wife petitioned for me in July of 2017 (i485 since my i130 was already submitted and approved).  In August we got a letter stating that I needed a sponsor because my wife's income was not enough.  That same month I went through that "immigration physical" to make sure I had all of my shots and no TB.  Mayor tip, don't loose your immunization card because you might end up paying through the nose for shots you may or may not have gotten after high school.  I found a school friend that was able to sponsor me and sent back complete documents in September of 2017.  On April 10th of 2018 we got the notice an interview date had been selected for my i485 case.  My interview date was May 15th, 2018.  I received a notice on May 18th that my i485 case was approved and I now have permanent residency for 10 years.  Finally!! After being in the U.S since I was 4 years old, I have my permanent residency.  I will update my timeline later but feel free to ask me any questions regarding advanced parole and any of the processes that follow.  Again, if it weren't for this site that answered many of my questions when I first applied for DACA back in 2012, none of this would be possible.  Thanks you to everyone that answered my dumb questions and everyone that is on here sharing the knowledge about these processes to the masses.

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