Has anyone been able to get a scholarship?

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I will be graduating soon from a Private university in Florida. The reason I had to attend a private school is because Florida's public universities only admitted me as an international student since I attended 3 years of High School in a different state. The only way to get in state tuition in Florida as a dreamer is if you attended 3 full years of high school in the state. 

With that being said, a private university was a bit cheaper. I am about to finish my AAS in business and I need to transfer to a 4 year school. I have a 4.0 gpa, and I would love to apply to some kind of scholarship. Tuition is very expensive, and I really want to finish school.

Has anyone applied to scholarships and gotten it?

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Congrats on your GPA!!

Here in CA we have about the same rule, 3 full years of HS

I personally did not; however, I do have friends who did. You've got nothing to loose...send as many applications as you can. I wish you success! 

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