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Example Of A Complete Daca Packet

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Continuous presence evidence ( in chronological order photos on the front, check next, then the completed forms, etc. ). Most of it was school ids and papers, bank statements, immunization cards, doctors papers, rent contracts,

10. I sent one proof of every year from 1989-2006 (this also showed I was 15 to prove I was her before I was 16)

9. Proof of June 15, 2007 I sent something that showed the closest, (3 days before and a 5 days after)

8. Proof every 3 months from October 2007 to march 2012 (if you are just sending you application, you need send one proof every trimester of 2013 as well and we are currently on the third trimester)

I sent 4 papers a year for the continuous presence from June 15, 2007 to The present time ( 1 every 3 months/trimester)

You divide each year in 4 like this,

January, February, March (anything from this trimester)

April, May, June (anything)

July, August, September (anything)

October, November, December (anything)

7. Proof of June 15, 2012 here I had a bank statement that showed my transactions on that day

6. High school Diploma, GED or registration and school attendance if enrolled in school towards GED

5. Birth certificate with notarized translation ( and anyone who is bilingual other than you can translated and notarize it).

4. Passport and other school ID's

3. Forms I-821D, I-765, I-765ws, G-1145

2. Cashiers check of $465 made out to US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY

1. 2 passport photos

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