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HEY guys as we all know the goverment has shut down due to some crazy stuff in congress. Obamacare mostly the republica ns are trying to get rid of it. Has anybody try to find new health insurance or haven't. Also I don't think we can benefit from Obamacare due to our status (DACA applicants) I have found health insurance (blue cross blue shield) (expensive). I just wanna know about other people that have look or not look experiences. Also when you filed taxes for next year if u don't have insurance you have to pay a penalty. What will be the best health insurance for DACA applicants. Anybody working in the insurance business? Just wondering, is always good to stay inform. Good luck

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You're right about C33 not being able to benefit from ObamaCare, unfortunately that's what I read.


At work the insurance cost $58/week which I think it is a complete rip off.


I still haven't decided which insurance I will go to, but I will try to compile some information to post in the forum about health insurance.




What do DACA-eligible individuals have access to in terms of health insurance?

DACA-eligible individuals currently have the same access to health care and health insurance as undocumented immigrants. For example, individuals granted deferred action under the DACA policy:

  • Cannot get comprehensive health insurance under Medicaid or CHIP in their state, unless the state has a separate, state-funded program or has elected the federal option to provide prenatal care regardless of the woman’s immigration status.
  • Cannot apply for the high-risk insurance pool (the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, or PCIP), unless the state where they reside has a separate state-funded program.
  • Cannot buy health insurance in the ACA’s health insurance marketplace, even at full cost.  
  • Are not eligible for federal tax credits to make private health insurance affordable (even if they are paying federal taxes) in the marketplace.
  • Will not be required to have health insurance under the “individual mandate.”
  • Will likely not be eligible for the Basic Health Program if their state has this program.
  • Can buy full-price health insurance outside of the marketplace, if it is available.
  • Can get health insurance through their employer, if it is available.

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