I Got Approved!!!!

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Guys i got approved ! They received my application on October 2 , I did my biometrics November 5 and on Feb 15 my case got transferred from Vermont to Nebraska and March 22 I got approved!!!! I'm so happy I still can't believe it.

I waited and waited , the waiting was tough and there were moments were i thought that i would shave my head a la Britney Spears circa 2007 lol but I'm here and didnt shave my head ! hahaha

I put my faith in God, and the bible says that he doesn't start something he wont finish and amen to that! I knew that I would get approved , man did i pray!

Thank you to everyone on this forum! It has been so helpful and comforting to read your stories and struggles! If you are still waiting don't give up is right around the corner. It always gets darker before the sun comes out !!

I feel like I'm giving an Oscar speech lol ...but seriously guys thank you ! and you! and you!! and dont worry you too will get approved ! I still can't believe it ! One of my happiest moments for sure ! Thanks to Obama too! who didnt forget about us, and believed in us ! Tell all your citizens friends to vote democrat always ...eff the republicans and their bs !

Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is to a new chapter........................ CHEERS!!!!

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so how long did you wait after your biometrics? I'm still waiting. My biometrics was on January 3rd. And it's still in "inital review".....

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