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.... This might be a good news,been looking around at timeline for other approval website for Vermont there going threw the bio daca applicant of that's taken the end of sept => just wanna encourage not to loose hope or patient guys.i totally understand,I too am waiting.i have a new born trust me Im getting anxious.but just wanna let all the Vermont people should be CLOSE guys,your probably next or I am lol,have alittle more patient.You've probably waited 15-20 years whats 1 or two months more => ? Take time to look at the link if you want it look.its encouraging to me cause there looking threw the last Vermont applicant are at the endishhhh of September. Goooooood luck fellas and gals.please if you get approve let everyone know or if I know someone got approve congrats them it doesn't hurt lol

(Link below/and what's my stat now)

Date Application Sent: August 23th 2012

Lockbox Application Sent To: Phoenix Arizona

Date Application Received/Accepted:August 27th 2012 and re-routed in Vermont

Date of Biometrics: September 27th 2012

Date of Approval: soooon I hope =\

Date EAD Mailed: sooon I guess o_O

Date EAD Received:soon,tomorrow would b nice. =>

Date Applied for SSN: seriously it's dire

Date Applied for DL/ID:soon cause I'm fantasying It

Date DL Received:soooon,now is better

Date Dream Job Started: soon,as a nurse/doin-massage

Hi to all \o/

And just wanna give credit to the people i Met here and thank them cause they got approved and they still help people

Ale => ,Itzel => ,and psw83 => and a bunch of other people

Did you get it already ?

Ive had bios on Sept 20

And nothing yet

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