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I am really liking this, a lot of people from East Coast have been getting approved last week, and this week a lot more will, maybe it will be my turn. God knows I need it. Congrats!!!

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Hang in there ! :)

.... You guys are so lucky =<

Date Application Sent: August 23th 2012

Lockbox Application Sent To: Phoenix Arizona

Date Application

Received/Accepted:August 27th 2012 and re-routed in Vermont

Date of Biometrics: September 27th 2012

Date of Approval: soooon I hope =\

Date EAD Mailed: sooon I guess o_O

Date EAD Received:soon,tomorrow would b nice. =>

Date Applied for SSN: seriously it's dire

Date Applied for DL/ID:soon cause I'm fantasying It

Date DL Received:soooon,now is better

Date Dream Job Started: soon,as a nurse/doin-massage

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guys hang in there ! i was sick at one point like damn fuck when am i gonna get approved im home yesterday i leave to go chill before i left i checked uscis n it still said the same thing as it does every day u no bla bla initial lol i leave n im chillin w my homie ghost n im tellin him all about my status bla bla i go on uscis so he can actually see what it was that it said n its still at the same spot as always so boom i just get dropped off im back home and i see my moms is not on the computer as usual so im like ok let me just go online i havent been on the pc in a minute lol iphones keep u busy i go to uscis n bam i got approved i was bouncing off the walls like if i won the nba championship lol and thats pretty much my story lol

wish you guys the best ill update again when i get the letter they send after approval

1 love

hang in there =]

Congrats! Ugh I'm losing hope!

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