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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I haven't been here in awhile.. Been busy since approval! Now it is time for those of you who got approved early to RENEW! 120 days before your last approval expires. Mine expires on 12/12/2014 so I'm starting today to fill out the forms. Luckily, we are exempted from filling out all of those tedious portions and proof that we had to submit for initial review!! Hallelujah!! As some of you already know, the renewal form/directions are different (YAY we don't have to fill a bunch of sections ) It is such a rip off though, I've got to say that we have to pay that darned $465 dollars... AGAIN. Those of you who are starting the renewal process, I found this link helpful, to just double check that you are doing things right on the I821D form: I have a question about Item 15 on I-765 (This is a question about RENEWAL of the work permit) 15. Current Immigration Status (visitor, student, etc) Do I put 'Approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals' or 'unlawful status' or 'none' as before (when I first applied for it I had put 'none')??? Thanks for reading and I hope you guys find my link helpful! <3
  2. Helloooooooooo, Everbody, feels good at least something is moving forward... August 14th card production started and August 24th got it in the mail. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY.... I-485 still pending scheduling for interview. Next question, Am sorry I ask alot lol lol My hubby wonders if he can go apply for a driving license with just his work permit? HAS ANYBODY gotten one with just the work permit? Please let me know how it went...
  3. Thank You Everyone

    Hey all. I've been a lurker since nov 2012. Just wanted to thank u all for contributing to this forum, espacially for those that read in silence. Just wanted to come out of lurk-mode and say how grateful I am for the guidance of this site. Many of us came to America not knowing what our lives would embark on because we came at such a young age. It sucks but I'm just grateful for a change in "status" (not legal status but being able to have an ID and work legally is still great) and I hope it gets better sooner than later. I applied for DACA Jan 29 2013 and received my Approval notice (April 29) and Work permit today (5/2). I really hope to one day travel abroad but I'm thankful for this first step. PATIENCE IS EVERYTHING WITH THIS PROCESS!!! I kinda forgot about it and randomly checked my status online to see a message saying my approved items are in the mail. I was shocked with happiness and received it the next day in the mail. God is great and his time will forever be the best time. Just in time for my new job!! Hope all of us get approved and get what you deserve. Please continue what you guys are doing on this site and your blessings will continue to pour in. Later guys...
  4. as u can see in my timeline , im only waiting on my work permit. i cant do anything with just my daca approved, not even an ID ( i made a service request but for what i know, i dont really think that makes any differece in ur case. :/ i know someone else made an appointment with an agent before but i never heard how that went ... ! did anyone talk to him after that appointment ? maybe he got deported lol ( bad joke) but it does cross my mind :/ SOS