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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys after what I experienced today, I decided to come to this site and start a discussion on a new topic for which I cannot find any answers online and I hope someone here can clarify for me. Anyways, I went down to the T-mobile store today hoping to get an upgrade at a discounted price. The sales representative asked for my social as they told me that they were required to run a credit check. I am 18 and a beneficiary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. After trying and trying, I was forced to leave without a phone because my social security failed to show any info, infact it errored out. This has lead me to believe that all the social secuity numbers provided to us DREAMERS are different than those given to US citizens. I've also been trying to add my social to different online sites like my own bank account and it still errors out. I'm just really frustrated and can't understand what is going on here. The social security card itself does have a stamp that says for work only so my best guess is that these numbers come with restrictions. Thanks for listening and have a great day!
  2. Here is an interesting article I found in the Huffington Post regarding how Immigration Reform could have a positive impact in the Social Security Trust Fund... It also describes briefly costs and long-term benefits of undocumented immigrants, and how CIR could significantly contribute to the Economy... Source:
  3. This weekend my boyfriend got pulled over and was charged with a DUI. his BAC was very very low and the cop says he will get a fine and need to go to court and traffic school. We are now applying for his papers and the I-821D form. Will him having a DUI affect his chances of getting approved? we also live in PA if this helps
  4. Hello all, I'm knew to the board and I recently received my card and got approved for deferred action! I was not aware that the card didn't come with the social security number, so I've been reading up on where to go to get it, and what information I'm going to be filling out at the Social security center when i apply. My parents and I are worried about the bit that asks you for both your parents name and their social security numbers, have any of you dealt with this? If so what have you put? Just your parents name? Thank You! Also I'm referring to this .
  5. A while back before DACA was even out the shadows, Homeland security confiscated my passport. Saying that once my legal statues was determined, then I will be able to request for my passport. I went back to the same building almost 2 months ago, and they said they dont have it. WHAT DO I DO??? ps. I need my passport so I can use it to get SS this coming week.