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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for anyone who has been approved with online GED/Diploma classes. I'm currently doing my biometrics scheduled on August 27th, and I wanted to know if I should start having a plan B for my schooling. So, if anyone has ever been approved with online GED please let me know. Thank You,
  2. So, FIU is the only school in the entire state to allow students with deferred action to pay in state tuition.
  3. Hi! I got approved November 29th 2012 and since then my case Has being on initial review! i applied showing that i was still going to school to get my ged and as of jan 7th 2013 i got my ged but i would love to know if be my calling them and telling them that i got my ged and if i can send it over to them to add as more information or is too late or what can i do? please i need to know asap, because something tells me that if i add up that i have my GED now it might boost my application and get an answer sooner! since it been 3 month already since i got my Appointment for my biometrics... and since i went to my biometrics my case hasn't moved at all, its stuck on INITIAL REVIEW! please help me! Thanks!
  4. this is my wondering, I'm currently not in school, but I did graduate from High school, but I stopped there about 5 years ago. I need to go back to school ( my preffered fields being Sales, and IT network security) but at this point I need to find something to enroll fast, so I can apply for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process. Any positive advise about this matter would be gladly appreciated!! thank you in advance!