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Found 6 results

  1. Study Online is a new trend introduced by education council. Those schools which are approved and accredited are eligible to provide online study course. GED Diploma and High School Diploma can be acquired through online learning technology. The aim of Stanley High School is to spread this learning style around the globe. By taking GED test online individual can achieve high school equivalency diploma. Test procedure is not so difficult and test can be taken several times without any cost. Diploma in today’s life has worth for attaining quality life that’s why it is known to everyone that education works in our life.
  2. Hello all - I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, and am hoping for some feedback (please keep in mind that this only applies to individuals that meet USCIS requirements for Deferred Action): Do you qualify for DACA, but have not applied due to financial circumstances? Do you know anyone that has not applied to DACA due to the above mentioned circumstances? The reason for these questions is basically to gauge interest in any form of financial aid to assist with DACA filing expenses. This only applies to individuals that have not applied to DACA, and also that have graduated High School and would like to pursue/are pursuing higher education. Your answers are greatly appreciated. Regards, Santiago
  3. Hello I currently live in Florida and over here Deferred Action Students cannot qualify for in state tuition,(even though I've lived here for four years and attended college through dual enrollment), or finical aid. So i was thinking the best decision would be for me to move to California, live there until i can get in state tuition and finical aid, meantime I'll work. The problem is i have no knowledge about California, can anyone tell me good areas? Cheap areas? Good community colleges? Good colleges? Whats the job market like? Or anything else you can tell me about there. If you can answer any of these questions or tell me anything at all it would be greatly appreciated. Nevertheless, thank you for your time!
  4. Illinois Dream Act

    Would someone mind explaining it and how it works? And does it mean its only for taking out loans from the bank? Or yea, just how it works
  5. Scholarship Opportunity

    Hi guys! I am trying to look for scholarships online so I am going to try to post them as I see them, I hope this helps 1. http://foundation.we...n_programs.html ---Understanding that education is a pathway toward a better economic future, the Western Union Foundation Family Scholarship Program helps two people from the same family pursue educational opportunities. Scholarships are used for college tuition, language acquisition, technical training and GED classes, with two family members receiving a scholarship to help achieve the type of education they need in order to create a brighter future for their entire family.---- 2. -----Las becas Fundación México (FM) 2012-2013 ya fueron otorgadas. La siguiente convocatoria aparacerá publicada en este sitio en abril de 2013 para el ciclo 2013-2014.---
  6. There are grants and scholarships available for students who qualify for DACA. I did not see a post that pertain to this topic so sorry if one already exist but I want everyone to be informed to the utmost. I can speak for my two alma maters: Oakton Community College (state grants) University if Illinois at Chicago (Dream Scholarship) Both of these are in the Chicago area. Do you know about these in your state? List them and include a link if you can!