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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. The reason why I decided to join was because I tried renewing my DL via mail as instructed on the letter I received. As I'm sure you all know, all DACA receipts who have a CA DL must renew every 2yrs when you receive you DACA renewal. Well After not receiving a new DL via mail and because my DL was expiring on 3/11/2017 I decided to call the DMV and ask them if they had received it. They didn't! The person on the phone said they had not received anything! This sent me into panic mode. I made an appointment for the fallowing day(today). When I went into the DMV I explained I had to renew my license because of DACA I showed them my Employment Permit as proof of my legal presence. I thought it would be simple like the two times prior. Normal you go in and show them proof and they give you a interim license while you wait about two weeks before getting the new one in the mail. Well this time it was different. I was told I had to pay $33 for a new one, take an new picture, and since it was my 5th year with the DL I had to take a renewal test (yes the written test again!). Ok no problem I said this is standard for anyone who has to renew after 5yrs. But what really upset me is that in the letter I received non of this was instructed! Had I not gone in or called the DMV I would still be waiting for the a DL that was never going to come. With the way things are under this presidency I knew that I couldn't risk driving not one day without my license! I highly recommend that anyone who has to renew their DL do so at the DMV! I hope this was helpful
  2. So after going back and forth to the TEXAS DMV, to make an appointment for my permit test, they informed me that I must do an adult driver education and safety course, online preferably. This is a must for all 18 through 24 year olds! But I'm still confused. Once I finish, I will receive a "certificate" will that be my permit to legally operate a vehical?