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Found 1 result

  1. Okay so my fren was pose to give me 200$ towards renewing my DACA .. Falling out, buh hey I'm nt gnna beg no one for nothing. And to TOP IT ALL OFF! I end up losing my job on oct 28 coz I had no one to watch my damn child. Her grandmother was the one watching her buh she had to work all tht week. Her pops was the one watching her buh he ended up in jail SEPT 19. I jst recently gotten bak on welfare since lst week. I've been seeing this pro bono agency to help me renew my DACA and I let them kno tht I'm living wid my former landlord and they wanted to kno her income and if it was above or below 150% poverty level so I can get the fee waiver for DACA buh nope she makes more than 587 a week. So I have no idea what to do. How am I gnna renew my DACA??!! Wen I called immigration they told me bout da i921 fee waiver buh isn't that different from the fee waiver for DACA? Please help me someone! How am I going to be able to work to support me and my child. I basically have no family here ( they basically abandoned me, treated me wrong, called me names, tell me I was going to be nothing in life) . I don't want to stay here in this room. I want my own place again buh this time it's going to be a room not an apartment. PLEASE TELL ME WAT I NEED TO DO FROM DIS POINT ON! HOW AM I GOING TO RENEW MY DACA??!! Jst wen I think things are going good stuff like dis happen n I've only been wrking for three mnths. First real long term job since getting my wrk permit . I don't want to b on welfare forever!