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Found 8 results

  1. My DACA EAD is expired, but I still have a valid CA DL that's not printed saying "not for federal use" or any other such remarks. My girlfriend is graduating from Air Force basic training in Texas (Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio) and I was thinking of flying over driving, but am hesitant due to my legal status. It is my understanding that my CA DL should be enough, but I know it's trickier in Texas with immigration. I had to provide my DL info to the Air Force base to get clearance inside the base for the graduation and was granted clearance. Not sure if that makes any difference or not. My only other option is driving over the top of the state into Oklahoma and back down into Texas and back the same way to avoid any check point, but I also know that Texas has roving patrols even way in the interior and I feel like driving alone in a car with CA plates might be suspicious to them. Any insight would be helpful, I really want to see my girlfriend before she goes into the second phase which is Tech School.
  2. Im just wondering if anyone applied for DACA in the state of louisiana? i got approved once my application from louisiana was transferred to California. would that imply that in order for me to get a state ID or DL be in the state of CA? i wonder if anyone else has this problem? i went to the DMV and they said something about there wasn't even a category for C33 in their system or something like that
  3. Hello Dreamers!!!

    My name is Julieta, I know what a dramatic name right? I am not a complete Dreamer because I've had my Work Authorization since 4 years ago and had to renew it every year, my deportation process was stopped around 2 years ago so I have a blessing and a curse of being able to renew my EAD indefinitely but of course going through the long wait every year which seriously drags me out everytime. Currently I have been waiting for a supposedly sent on 12.20.2013 RFE and USCIS has not been of any help as I am yet to receive it. My Current EAD expires on 02.07.2014 however HR in my job already asked me for my new authorization deadline 01.24.2014. Even if they allow me to keep working, I should fly to California on 02.12 to get Certified for my job and I won't have other IDs to neither take my flight nor get my certification. I told a friend and please no one get offended But it does kinda sucks sometimes being a Paisa.....
  4. Has anyone here encountered border patrol or been through a check point after getting approved for Deferred Action? If so what was your experience?
  5. when filling an application to get a driver's license and an Id here in Tx do I apply for both in ONE application or fill one application for each?
  6. Hello. My question is, does it matter if there is a middle name on my EAD card, and not on any of my other official documents (birth certificate, passport)?
  7. Hi guys! I have a question, My EAD card reads "Place of birth: Unknown" ...Does anybody else have this & could it be a big deal? honestly I don't think I really care but would this be something to be concerned about and should I try to make the changes? Thanks
  8. The wait is killing me and I don't know if they are going to think different just because I'm 30. Or is it me that I'm being paranoid?