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Found 1 result

  1. So my lawyer sucks and the secretaries they let me know until almost a month ago but I fixed that I got another lawyer to replace her anyways about usci requesting more evidence from all of 07-may of 08 however I have none I checked I graduated High School in 06 and in 07 and early 08 I didn't do much couldn't go back to school etc. I did get an affidavit from a place I helped out well literally worked got paid cash from 07 until 09 anyways got the boss to notarize it. I got my landlord to notarize that she's been renting me and family since 06 to present. I just need help if anyone knows of a template to make an affidavit for 2 of my friends I went to high school with and known me since like my brothers gf I would see her daily at my house and they're still together I see her daily still. I just don't know what template I should use to write letter and get affidavit notarized. All I can do is get letters now I do not have receipts emails etc. I already looked and my lawyer needs this by this Monday or early coming week! usci Needs it by the 11th of JULY! ugh help.... How many letters do I even need? I have 2 so far.... This is the 8th Month since I started this process for deferred action it's soo frustrating I can't even cry anymore ran out of tears Erick