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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So, a few days ago, I applied to a job in IKEA with the new valid SSN and EAC which I got from DACA. I was happy. Today, I received an email from IKEA notifying me that they were doing background checks. The IKEA HR lady asked if I could send her my W2 form from my previous job for "employment verification purposes". They need this because I've told them I have experience in retail, which is true, and they really want to hire me because of this. The only problem is that at my last job (BJ's Wholesale Club), I worked with a fake SSN, and the W2 shows it clear as day. Should I send the W2 form anyway? Or should I tell them I don't have it? I'm not sure what to do. I really want to get this job. I need it to pay my tuition. Currently, I've put them on hold. They're still waiting for me to "find" my W2 form. I thought about blurring the SSN out, but that would make them ask even more questions, I think. What do you guys think? Send it in?
  2. Hello everybody, I have a questions for those of you that have been approved and have dealt with transferring to your new ssn, after having used a fake or itin for work. Has anyone been able to transfer your contributions (ss/medicare) and taxes that you made while working with a fake? I vaguely remember someone's post saying that they went to the SS office and brought with them their W2's and tax returns, and were able to transfer them on the spot, even though they used a fake. But I feel a uncomfortable doing that since I'm not 100% sure... On the other hand I have read of a lot of people that "think" it is a bad idea, and seem pretty certain that it can have bad consequences. So please share your experience if you have been able to transfer.