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Found 103 results

  1. In case you would like to see it! What did you think about what was said? Share your opinions...
  2. Great news for all us, M. Zuckerberg, as well as many other leaders in Silicon Valley and other industries, have joined us in our fight towards an overhaul of the severely flawed immigration system. Here is his Op-Ed in the Washington Post: http://www.washingto...90a4_story.html
  3. If I were to be approved for the deferred action plan, will that have any affect in the future when I marry my fiance and I want to apply for citizenship? I've heared different things from people with legal advice. I myself have a lawyer I am working under but I want to be absolutely sure before I send in the application/ my hard earned money. My future and future kids are far more important than just getting a quick 2 year permit so I need help. Can anyone verify or give me some information on this? Thanks!
  4. As per an article on the Financial Times... (Not sure if anyone else will be able to read it, though) To briefly summarize: Private Corrections Companies - read: Private Prisons - have joined the fight against comprehensive immigration reform. Two of the biggest ones, Corrections Corporation of America (http://en.wikipedia....ion_of_America) and The Geo Group (, have collectively invested around $10 million to lobby government officials to be against a comprehensive reform to our flawed immigration system. These private prison companies operate many detention centers that currently house a significant number of undocumented immigrants. Their business model allows them to profit from the amount of individuals they can keep imprisoned...the more, the merrier. Since many of these companies are publicly listed (they have sold parts or their business or their whole business to private investors in the stock market), they have to maximize shareholder value - read: make money for the owners/investors. Therefore, they are going to 'try' to 'persuade' respective government officials to not only keep the immigration system as it is, but also to make it more draconian (worse), so they can increase profitability (forecast). However, they claim that their lobbying efforts are within the rule of law (snickers). Some numbers to give you an idea of who these companies are: Geo Group earned $1.6 billion in Revenues 2011, and earned around $70 million in profit for the same year The Geo Group also operates prisons in other parts of the world (Australia, UK, South Africa) ICE accounted for about 14% of their Revenues (2011) Significant Operations in CA, TX, FL CCA earned $1.7 billion in Revenues 2011, and earned around $160 million in profit for the same year CCA Operates in 20 states, and it is 'the largest owner and operator of privatized correctional and detention facilities in the US, behind the Federal Government and 3 states ICE accounted for about 12% of their Revenues (2011) I am a die-hard capitalist, and I love when companies make money - but I am completely against what these guys do. The Geo Group has been criticized for alleged human rights abuses, negligence, lack of medical care for inmates, among others. CCA's record is not better either. Further reading: http://www.globalres...of-slavery/8289 http://www.counterpu...-of-immigrants/ http://www.huffingto..._n_1731736.html
  5. Thank You!

    I wanna start by saying Thank you GOD, AND Obama and USCIS for making me and every body in this forum come out of the shadows. i understand Deferred action is not new. still makes life much easier. thank you.
  6. Its been a while since sent my application and I'm starting to get nervous as more and more time passes. I have been waiting since Nov 23rd, when i took my biometrics. Does anybody know why some people are getting approved a month after their biometrics while I'm approaching my 4th month without any information? Date Application Sent:October 25,2012 Received Date: October 29, 2012 Date of Acceptance e-mail/text: November 1, 2012 Date of I-797 C Notice of Action: November 1, 2012 Date of Biometrics: November 23, 2012 Date of EAD Approval: Waiting Date of EAD Received: Waiting
  7. My boyfriend came here from Mexico at age 15. He lived here with his father, and worked under the table untill 17 years old which is when he enrolled in school and got a non under the table job. We are applying for the I-821D now but I dont know how to prove he has been here sine 15. He says people picked him up for work everyday so he has no name or phone number for who he worked for. He is now 23 years old, has been here since 15 so a totale of 8 years and has never left the country and been back. Someone please help me on what to do
  8. My Name Is Christian

    And i was approved on 2/16/13 O cannot wait, to apply for a DL. and apply at a good dealership for a mechanic job. i have been in school for automotive mechanics, for the pass two years and this year in march. i graduate from electrical automotive systems. im also drug and alcohol free, i really cant wait for all this work to pay off.if any of you into imports and bikes. hmu
  9. Hey Dreamers, My I-821 application was approved online on 2/21/13. And when I checked my I-765 it was still in Initial Review. Today I received my I-821 approval letter in the mail, but still no I-765 approval letter. Most people get both of their approval letters in the mail on the same day, so that worries me a bit. My applications were received on 12/16/12, and I had my Biometrics appointment on 1/28/13. It hasn't even been a month since I had my Biometrics, so could that be the reason why my I-765 has not been approved? Also, can I still apply for a SSN with just the I-821 approval letter? Thanks :-) ****UPDATE**** - My I-765 was approved yesterday (2/27/13). It took less than a month after my Biometrics. I wish all of you the best, and keep DREAMing
  10. What are your thoughts on this guys?
  11. Anyone Applied In Late 2012? Or 2013?

    so ive sent my application in January and im up to my bio metrics (i did a walk in on Tuesday) anyone else that applied in January or late November December?? i see lots of threads on people who have applied earlier but none about anyone who have recently applied..
  12. My youngest brother and I received our deferrals and employment authorization cards already, but our brother, who is about to graduate from high school, is still waiting for his. We all sent ours at the same time, but he still has to hear from USCIS. My two brothers' first names are Jose, and I was wondering: might that have affected the process at all? Our biometrics were done on November 20th, so we're still within the 90 days. Thank you!
  13. Hi! My company build websites that help DACA applicants answer common questions (our FAQ tool), track approval timelines, and complete their application with discounted rates from attorneys. We are trying to understand more about how people are applying for DACA. Please take two minutes to answer our 5 question survey. Every opinion counts! Take our Survey Here Thanks in advance!
  14. i was wondering if any of you know or are some of the few who have been denied? i'm really curious. i'm nervous also, i've been waiting since Oct 29 (the day i went for my fingerprints) to hear from them but nothing....
  15. Link - Dreamers Sue To Stop Michigan From Denying Driver's Licenses WASHINGTON -- Civil rights groups sued Michigan Secretary Of State Ruth Johnson ® on Wednesday for blocking driver's licenses for undocumented young people given deportation relief by the president. Denying the group licenses makes many unable to use their newly-granted work authorization, attend school or simply get around. The American Civil Liberties Union and National Immigration Law Center filed the Michigan suit on behalf of three undocumented young people and a youth immigrant group, One Michigan. Receiving driver's licenses is a significant issue to the estimated 1.76 million young undocumented immigrants -- often called Dreamers -- in Michigan who may be eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Although there are no breakdowns for how many young people in Michigan have been granted deferred action, 102,965 people were approved nationwide as of Dec. 13. The two-year deferred action means that in most states, those undocumented immigrants can apply for driver's licenses. But Michigan, Arizona and Nebraska governments have refused to grant licenses to Dreamers who have been granted deportation reprieve. "They're really unable to work and to use benefits of that status because they can't drive," said Karen Tumlin, an attorney for the National Immigration Law Center. "Michigan winter is not exactly where you'd want to walk to work." In Arizona, the decision seemed partially political. Gov. Jan Brewer ®, an immigration hardliner, announced in August that the state would deny driver's licenses to deferred action recipients. The civil rights groups filed a complaint in Arizona in November along the same grounds as the suit in Michigan. Attorneys with the ACLU and the National Immigration Law Center said Michigan seems somewhat different -- possibly just confused, rather than trying to thwart the policy for political reasons. Johnson, the secretary of state, told her staffers in November not to grant driver's licenses to deferred action beneficiaries. Her spokeswoman, Gisgie Gendreau, told the Detroit Free Press at the time that they were not allowed, by law, to grant licenses. "Michigan law requires legal presence, that someone be here legally," Gendreau told the Free Press. "The federal government has said that DACA does not grant legal status, so we can't issue a driver's license or state ID to DACA participants." Reached for comment on the lawsuit Wednesday afternoon, Gendreau said the state will continue to rely on the government's definition of legal status for its policy on driver's licenses. She pointed to a few documents that state deferred action does not confer an individual with legal status, including the June 15 memo by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that announced the policy. "This memorandum confers no substantive right, immigration status or pathway to citizenship," that memo reads. The attorneys said they are hopeful that their lawsuit will convince state leaders that they are misunderstanding the policy. Although deferred action isn't the same as an immigrant visa, it does allow the undocumented beneficiary to stay in the United States legally, which they argue means the Michigan secretary of state is wrong. "It's contradicted by federal law," Michael Tan, an attorney at the ACLU, said. "Although states have the authority to issue driver's licenses as a general matter, they don't get to decide who is authorized to be here in the country or not, that's up to the federal government." Tan said given Michigan's general openness toward immigrants, its leaders may be more amenable to changing its policy than those in states like Arizona. "I don't think that this is like Arizona, where Gov. Brewer very openly came out and denounced the DACA program as back-door amnesty and described her order as being necessary to make sure 'illegal people' wouldn't get licenses in her state," he said. "I think Michigan is different, the governor's office has worked and made a real commitment to make Michigan a welcoming place for immigrants. This is really about a fundamental misunderstanding of federal law." This article has been updated to include a response from the Michigan secretary of state's office and to clarify that Michael Tan intended to say states have the authority to issue driver's licenses as a general, rather than federal, matter.
  16. DACA Applicants Checklist

    This is to help you in your journey with DACA. A general synapsis of your transition from the beginning to the end. Also other helpful forums are included. 1. I-821D, I-765, and I-765WS are the three forms to submit along with the initial evidents documents. Some may or may not have used lawyers. 2. Personal check or money order for $465 made payable to “US Department of Homeland Security” 3. Then you should receive the physical receipts of the same notification (if you did not send form G1145 then this will be your first notification of your case), I-797C for both I-821D and I-765. 4. USCIS will now request for your biometrics. So a set date of your appointment will be on this letter. Some have or may not have done a walk-in 5. Then you will receive a text or EMAIL saying that either you were approved or RFE (Do not worry-send in the extra evidence to USCIS). Notice your case status will also be changed. A letter of approval will arrive with your EAD. Some have reported getting them a couple of days apart. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ THE FUN PART BEGINS 6. Once you get your EAD, run RUN and run to the Social Security office nearest you. This is mucho importante! 7. Follow the link above. Once you take the required "materials" you should receive your SS in the mail within a week or ask for a PrintOut. CANCEL ITIN!* 8. Go to the nearest DMV with SSN, School ID, and other certain forms of document to obtain state ID. 9. Next is your permit. Some states require classes, like TX, before coming to receive your permit. If you are already aware of driving. skip this part and get your DL! _________________________________________________________________________________ HARD PART is HERE! 10. If you do have a job, CONGRATZ! For those that do not, you must then start looking for jobs or advertising yourself. Use your gift, that's yourself... Bright side, you are legal to work You now have your State ID/DL SSN (and all the benefits that reap from that) Owning a car And much much more! Stability. The following might help! and/or Do not forget, once APPROVED to message MOE so YOU can be part of the DACA approval list Again, all the best for all of ya'll! I really do wish ya'll the best. I know we will all be approved sooner than later and be laughing about this in the future...once the Dream Act is passed, next year of course
  17. Rejection.

    Okay, friends.... I have been rejected. But, they said I've been invited to resubmit my application package after I have corrected the reasons for rejection. My reason for rejection: "This is in reference to the I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, you submitted. Your I-821D fees, and any supporting documentation is being returned to you for the following reason(s): You must sign your application in the signature block if you are 14 years of age or older. Your parent or guardian may sign their name in the signature block if you are younger than 15. Your signature or a parent's or guardian's signature in the 'Signature of person preparing form, if other than above' block is not a valid signature for this purpose." Alrighty. Is this because I didn't use a signature signature? I somewhat wrote in print, because I don't have a signature signature. Assist me if you can.
  18. I've done good today.

    I've done good today. I've only checked my case 4 times! who can beat that?
  19. If you are still waiting on your approval "Don't Freak Out" Just watch this video and breathe. Hope you enjoyed the video
  20. The wait is killing me and I don't know if they are going to think different just because I'm 30. Or is it me that I'm being paranoid?
  21. I know that im probably just way to impatient since I just did my biometrics 2 weeks ago but im concern that I didnt have enought paper work to prove my stay in the state this last 5 yrs. How much information did the people that have received their approvals include. I graduated in june of 07 and only had soccer pics from 2 months after than than I have clinic record since i got prego in 08 thats pretty much what I have and what I used the most was that WIC gave me a list of all the times I was in there since pregnant till now. This last yr also include college records. I pretty much have a document for every 4 month this last 5 yrs. Is this enough?
  22. For DREAMERS in the NYC area. Atlas is holding a DACA Celebration on Saturday, November 17,2012 from 5:30pm to 9:00pm at St. Jacobi Church on 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY Hope to see you guys there Event Details "We've worked hard to get the word out about DACA, been brave in coming forward, or may still be questioning the right decision for us, so let's come together, share our stories, build community and mostly, CELEBRATE with a party to celebrate the steps we've taken forward for Dreamers and immigrants everywhere. More details to come (including our venue!) but expect a night that builds community, educates you on next steps, and, most importantly let's you de-stress and have fun! From 530-7 we'll have tabling, a faces of DACA photo booth, video and audio booths to tell your stories if you wish, resume checks since you can now get a job with your brand new EAD and info on the continuing campaign for the Dream Act. 7-730 will bring us a speaker that is too exciting to tell you about now, 7 30 - 8 get your salsa on with lessons from professionals than from 8-9 it's a DJ party to CELEBRATE. RSVP now to save your spot and check back for more info!"
  23. Asi que me IIamo la atencion que nadie ha hablado sobre esto. Y estoy cansado de buscar y esperar en un alma confia a "subirse al escenario." Planeo casarme con mi pareja, sin embargo, yo queria esperar hasta que este aprobado para DACA. No se por que, pero yo y mi madre and padre siente que seria mejor. Inmigracion sentria que es menos de una estafa, si? O debo casarme incluso antes? Cual es su opinion? Retroalimentacion apreciada.
  24. I am Ignacio

    Good day, I am Ignacio and this is my story. I came to the US from Santiago, Chile in 07/1995, when I was 8 years old. My family and I came here legally but stayed Illegaly. The immigration topic was something that was avoided by my parents allways and that's probably the main reason why I was illegal even 10 years after we got here. It wasn't really a hot topic until I graduated from High School as I faced a very unpleasant and uncertain future. 4 years after I graduated I met my ex wife and we decided to get married so that we can go on with the plans we had with eachother, since there is no way someone, that arrived at age of 8 years, was going to have the life of a typical illegal immigrant. We got married and I applied for AOS through her. Things didn't go well and we broke up a year ago, before my AOS was approved and she withdrew the I130, which automatically withdrew everything else, without me knowing about it (we didn't break up in bad terms but she still decided to screw me over). I didn't find out until I tried to renew my EAD that expired in august that she did that and I literally went crazy, since on August 3rd, I was fired from my job for not having an EAD. I did all my research for the DACA Application and decided to send the application. Sent on 9/12/12, after about a month of finding evidence of residing in the US since June of 2007. My application was in total about 70 pages and is the best application I could send, I am very proud of it and hope everything goes well. I want to give everyone here my best wishes, on whatever application you are sending. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for taking the time to read what I wrote Ignacio Ningún Ser Humano Es Ilegal
  25. Hello everyone - I have been thinking about establishing a Fund that would provide Financial Aid for those individuals that qualify for Deferred Action, but that are not able to finance the Application Fee for the Biometrics and Employment Authorization. Below are some thoughts. Please feel free to provide feedback: Dream Act Fund (Not 100% sure the name can be used, but I will use it for now) The fund would work to finance a portion/all of the expense related to filing for DACA/EAD It would basically work like a scholarship fund The screening process has to be rigorous in order to avoid potential scams Not limited only to High School students, or to Hispanics for that matter The emphasis of one of the qualifications has to be on education and on people that want to take advantage of many opportunities that are available whenever DACA status is granted In regards to staff, the idea would be to get volunteers in several locations throughout the country: Miami, Chicago, NY/NJ, Boston, LA/SF, etc The volunteers have to belong to the forum and have to be willing to invest some of their time in the logistical/administrative process One of the requirements to qualify for aid would be to have the potential candidates sign up to the Forum and participate actively, providing feedback and helping fellow dreamers. In addition, the Fund could serve as a Marketing Tool in order to promote the many resources available, and the constant stream of feedback/information from other dreamers. Some screening requirements could be: Be a High School student High School Diploma or equivalent Enrolled in College/Technical School/Advanced Education Programs Having to submit Essays (although not sure what they have to be about) Topics (3, 5, 10 year plan, etc) How many Essays (1, 2, 3?) How long each Essay (200, 400, 1,000 words?) [*]Household information How many live at home Monthly household income Expenses Currently employed? As a preliminary idea, the funds could be pooled in a Paypal account, which allows the flexibility of transferring funds, it is very easy to receive donations online, and it is very secure. The fund would hypothetically work in the following way: The funds would be provided via Paypal by potential donors Volunteers would receive applications by potential candidates Screening process would determine if they would qualify and what would be covered If applicant qualifies for Full Aid, the Fund would cover USCIS related expenses (Only!) Shipping expenses [*]If a certain applicant is accepted, the volunteer would be notified, and funds would be transferred from Paypal to volunteers Bank Account It is imperative that the volunteers have a 'low risk' Bank Account, meaning, the account is never overdrafted so there are no risks that the bank would use funds transferred from The Fund to cover personal expenses of the volunteer [*]The volunteer would acquire a money order from their bank and be able to ship the materials of the candidate [*]The Fund would be advertised mostly through Social Media and Word of Mouth. Volunteers would be encouraged to promote the fund as they want, as long as the Purpose/Guidelines/Objectives are clearly stated - they will not be allowed to modify it as they please - for consistency/campaign purposes [*]Even though Fund management is centralized, Marketing activities are Decentralized, and are up to the volunteers discretion. However, the more we market and acquire funds, the more people we will be able to help In a nutshell, this is basically how the Fund would work. There would be a strong need to advertise the Forum as well, since it is a great tool for all of the Dreamers to access information/share their burden, and also since it contributed greatly to the development of the fund. Also, I will research if there would be any need to register the Fund as a Non-profit, or if it can operate without registration. I am very serious about this, and I would like to be able to help people achieve their dreams one step at a time. I bet most of you guys would like to also. Please feel free to give ideas, ask questions and provide any feedback in regards to what is presented above. Keep in mind that this is not final and that it is merely a rough draft. Thanks in advance for your input. Regards, Santiago.