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  1. Alien receipt number? What is that? I put my name and date of birth is that okay?
  2. I have another two of that same attorney if anyone is interested its like 3 hours of him answering questions. He's from arizona and im also from arizona so thats how i know about him.
  3. Thought this might help someone so here it is.
  4. i put my name and birthdate on the back with a pen as a lawyer told me to i hope i didnt mess the pictures up.
  5. I-765 Confusion

    Alright, thanks a lot for your help. I crossed through the nogales, sonora. I guess i should put Douglas, Arizona since i checked on google maps and thats the closest.
  6. Your First Car after Deferred Action

    Fast car like a camaro? why not a bmw m3 or m5 or m6? or maybe a roadster haha camaros arent as fast as bmws, plus most young drive camaros.
  7. Questions please help!

    Yes the problem is my passport expired in 2001, so i had to get a new one. You're right about it being better to put a later date, rather than an earlier date. I had put the 17th, but i think i will change it to the 24th, better to be safe than sorry. lol
  8. On application I-765 Question 13 & 14. "Place of Last Entry into the U.S.? Can i just put Arizona? Or do i have to put the exact place where i first entered into U.S. territory? "Manner of Last Entry (Visitor, Student,etc.) Can i put "Tourist Visa" or should i just put Visitor? Also on my transcripts it says i Graduated the 26th, but on my Highschool diploma it says the 27th? Should i put the 26 since it was my last attendance date, or 27th since thats the day i received my diploma at graduation? Because the question states last day of attendance, graduation, etc. So i guess you can put either, right? Please help i am a bit confused as different people keep giving me different answer, thanks!
  9. Questions please help!

    My mother said it was a saturday either the 17th or 24th, since i got my visa the Jan 12, 1998. I put 01/17/1998 on the application, i guessed the date kind of, do you think there will be a problem with that? Like what if they say it was the 24th, and say im lying and deny my work permit? or do you think there wont be a problem since it says to the best of your ability?
  10. Questions please help!

    What if i just put a day? Like jan 22, 1998 since i dont remember the exact date?
  11. Questions please help!

    Yeah, but its been like 14-15 years since 1999 and we only remember the Month/Year and not the exact day.
  12. Questions please help!

    Thanks a lot for your help! So would be okay for me to write 01/ n/a /1999 or should i write Jan 1999? as i only know the month and date and not the exact date.
  13. What do we write for´╗┐ question #9 "Country of Residence" Do we write mexico or U.S. or what do we write? Also for question #13 "initial date entry into the U.S." What do i write if i only remember the Month and year, but not the exact date? Would really appreciate it if you could answer my question, thanks in advance.
  14. Welcome to the forums joelsosa :)