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    Sinae got a reaction from silvazquez27 in How Many Days To Receive Ead In The Mail?   
    My bro got the approval letter and the EAD in the same envelop about three days after the approval. I got my approval letter about a week after I checked my approval status from the uscis web site, the EAD came about 10 days later. So what I wanna tell you is, soon or later you'll have your EAD. Good luck on the rest of the steps.
    As for the SSN, my bro's took about 6 weeks and I got mine in 5 days.
    For a DL, I already got the permit, but I'm required to wait at least 6 weeks until I can schedule a driving test. I'm in PA.
    For jobs, there are plenty descent jobs that requires only GED and no previous experience. Such as 911 call operators, entry level medical billing recorders, pharmacy desk helps, ect,. Just need to write a real good cover letter.
    To build up your credit, everyone needs to start with a secured credit card. Ask a bankers for details.
    Good luck everyone!
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    Sinae reacted to silvazquez27 in Update! Form I765   
    Could this finally be it?? Checked my status for the form I765 and this is what it said:
    "On February 28, 2013, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283."
    Does this mean Im approved??? I hope sooooooo!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! anyone else got this update????
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    Sinae reacted to itzel in 13-Year Max For Citizenship   
    I'm with Pswa83 on this one. If I get to be able to work and stay and travel in the country while I wait, then so be it. Farm labor workers must be included in the CIR, they are the ones that do the jobs that "Americans" wont do.
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    Sinae reacted to Osha in 13-Year Max For Citizenship   
    All these budget crisis are self-inflicted wounds, the sequestration was supposed to be diverted today and nothing happened and then we have another Fiscal Cliff at the end of March and then another debt-ceiling fight coming at the beginning of April. No wonder why people hate Congress, this is not a way to govern. All these ridiculous budget crisis are delaying important policy discussions like immigration reform and gun control. God save us from Republicans. Republicans in Congress are self-indulgent crooks and are absolutely incompetent at governing, they will obstruct anything. We need to step up too before the crazy Tea Party folks do. What happened to the massive Immigration rallies that we used to have back in 2006? We need those rallies now more than ever. This is the year for immigration reform.
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    Sinae reacted to pswa83 in 13-Year Max For Citizenship   
    in 13 yrs, i'll be 43 (or almost) i think as long as i can work (still have a valid EAD) then i would be fine waiting 13 yrs for full citizenship. however, i am hoping that those already "in line" with either approved I-130 or other approved applications and DACA approved applicants will be processed faster then those just starting off in the immigration process. i would be really pissed off if someone who has only been in this country for 5 yrs were places in the same "line" as i would. i wouldnt understand that "fairness" in that.
    just my 2 cents.
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    Sinae reacted to pswa83 in The Posibility Of An Immigration Reform   
    no, the immigration is more complicated than people think.
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    Sinae reacted to carlos3630 in IM finally approved   
    I just wanted to tell you guys that my application was approved today.
    I was thinking it was never going to happen so hang in there guys heres my timeline.
    DACA Application Delivered - 10/1/2012 to Dallas Lockbox then sent to Nebraska
    G-1145 Notification - 10/4/12
    Date of I-797 C Notice of Action - 10/13/12
    Date of Biometrics Appointment - 11/2/12
    EAD/DACA Approval - 12/27/12
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    Sinae reacted to pswa83 in so wait...   
    from what i understand, you have to show proof that you arrived in the US before the age of 16. whether that be by school records, or medical records, etc.....
    then you must prove that you have been in the US since 2007.
    however, if you have an I-94, which you might because of how your father came to the US, then you will need to send a copy of that as well.
    as far as proving that you've been here since you were 4, i dont understand the need for that.
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    Sinae reacted to itzel in ANYBODY PLANNING OR TRYING TO MOVE TO CANADA ???   
    I understand you're upset..but how can we be "legal" slaves if we dont even have legal status to begin with? Remember we're just legally bad joke..and yeah it sucks..but when 1 door closes..others least you can now work...thats way ahead of how we were a year ago..
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    Sinae reacted to EnJR in why? why? why...   
    "Did Biometrics on - 10/11 (no walk-in)"
    That's the reason why, Vermont is taking long, some people who did their Bios back in Sept. are still waiting, so hang in there, you'll soon receive news from USCIS.
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    Sinae reacted to JayhOR24 in why? why? why...   
    Why Vermont why??? I applied back in August and still nothing! Its been almost 5 months! I fell so helpless...
    Ok sorry guys just had to get that out!!!
    I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way!
    And with that being done back to a positive state of mind!
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    Sinae reacted to Cochoz in (; BEATRIZ RIVERA RAMIREZ(;   
    We shall rename this thread to "pictures, food, and CAPZ" apparently nobody cares about the OP's story!!!
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    Sinae got a reaction from Rawf in Rejection.   
    Your papers are rejected to be submitted because of the incompletion, which is good since your case isn't denied!!! So sign the application and send them back. Have someone look over your papers. Good luck!
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    Sinae reacted to JoseG in December - NEW USCIS Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Data   
    The number of applications submitted dropped in November and it seems like it's going to drop more in December.
    From Nov 15 - Dec 15, they doubled the approval number from the previous 2 months and a half.
    It seems like there will be more approvals in December than there were in November, which was 47,954 approvals.

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    Sinae reacted to JayhOR24 in :) Raul here... new friends?   
    Wassup gente my name is Raul I'm 19 years old and I applied for DACA back in September! I've been here since I was 8 years old, never knew I was here illegal until my teen age years. I live in North Carolina . I graduated back in 2011 with honors in French and small bussines! The day I heard about DACA was when I was getting ready to go buy a one way airplane ticket back to a contry I varely know about, until my mom turned on the radio and we heard Pioling Sotelo say that Mr. Obama had passed this act! And now I'm here paticiently waiting for a decicion on my case. I did my biometrics back in October 11 and its December no so hopefully ill get an asnwer soon! GOD willing...
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    Sinae reacted to pswa83 in Homeland Security confiscated my PASSPORT!   
    so i found this on google. interesting read.
    have you tired apply for a new passport? if it's a mexican passport then you usually get it the same day you apply for it.
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    Sinae reacted to MarioLC in First thing you will do after deferred action?   
    I don’t think much will change with me. I have a great professional job that pays well. I graduated from a great college a while back. I had DL from a Hawaii… no legal proof was needed years ago… For me just the peace of mind of having it!! In addition, starting a life where I won’t have to get clever to work and live here in the US. No more explain why I have an out of state DL!!
    Date Application Sent: September 07, 2012
    Lockbox: Chicago, IL
    Mail Method: USPS Flat Rate mail w/ delivery confirmation
    Date Delivered: September 10, 2012
    Date of I-797 C Notice of Action: September 12, 2012
    Service Center: Texas
    Date of Biometrics: Walk-in September 24th, 2012 @10:00am
    Date of EAD Letter/Email/TXT Approval: Oct. 24th at 3:45 PM
    Applied for SSN: Nov. 2, 2012
    SSN Received: Nov. 10, 2012
    Converted my DL to IL: Nov. 16, 2012
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    Sinae reacted to Jason in Hobbies and activities   
    I enjoy playing tennis!
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    Sinae reacted to erika020 in USCIS Enlace questions and answers.   
    Hi everyone,
    Here are some of the questions asked to USCIS during yesterday's conference (Wednesday Dec.5) and the answers given by USCIS.
    The conference was in Spanish so i'll do my best to translate it and if you participated in the conference feel free to add whatever I didn't include here because I only took notes on some of the DACA questions asked. The subject of Deferred Actions was hardly mentioned during the conference, most of the questions asked were questions dealing with Forms I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) and I-601 (Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility)
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Hola a todos,
    Estas son unas de las preguntas hechas a USCIS durante la conferencia de ayer (Miercoles Diciembre 5) y las respuestas dadas por USCIS.
    Si alguno de ustedes participo, porfavor sientanse en libertad de agregar alguna otra cosa que no agrege aqui porque solo tome nota de algunas de las preguntas hechas acerca de la Accion Diferida. El tema de la Accion Diferida casi no fue mencionado durante la conferencia, la mayoria de las preguntas formuladas fueron acerca de la forma I-130 (Peticion para pariente extranjero) y la forma I-601(Solicitud de exencion de causal de inadmisibilidad )
    * USCIS has received about 300,000 applications for Deferred Action
    * 200,000 applicants have received their Biometrics appointments.
    * 50,000 applicants have been approved.
    * USCIS ah recibido alrededor de 300,000 applicaciones de Accion Diferida.
    * 200,000 aplicantes an recibido su cita para las hueyas.
    * 50,000 aplicantes han sido aprobados.
    Q. Will I be able to travel to Hawaii with Deferred Action?
    -Alaska and Hawaii are considered part of the United States. If you are planning to travel out of the United States you must apply for Advanced Parole and file a I-131 Form and pay the indicated fee.
    Form I-131 ( Advanced Parole) : Wait until you receive your approval. The applicant must submit a letter explaining USCIS the reason why he/she must travel outside the US.
    Q. Podre viajar a Hawaii con la Accion Diferida?
    -Alaska y Hawaii se consideran parte de los Estados Unidos. Si usted esta planeando viajar fuera de los Estados Unidos usted tiene que aplicar por un Permiso Adelantado y presentar el formulario I - 131 y pagar la cuota indicada.
    Forma I-131 ( Permiso Adelantado) : Espere hasta que sea aprovado. El aplicante debe presentar una carta explicando a USCIS la razon por la cual el o ella debe viajar fuera de los Estados Unidos.
    Q. I sent my application for Deferred Action two months ago and I'm still waiting, but others have been approved already, should I worry?
    - No, you shouldn't worry. The process can take from 4 to 6 months. There are many people applying for Deferred Action, but if you feel you have any concerns regarding your application you can call USCIS or go to your local USCIS office and ask an officer.
    Q. Yo mande mi aplicacion para Accion Diferida hace dos meses y sigo esperando, pero otros ya han sido aprobados, deberia preocuparme?
    - No, no deberias preocuparte. El proceso puede tardar de 4 a 6 meses. Hay muchas personas aplicando para Accion Diferida, pero si usted siente o tiene alguna preocupacion con respecto a su aplicacion usted puede llamar a USCIS o ir a una oficina local de USCIS y preguntarle a un oficial.
    Q. Can I still apply for Deferred Action even if I already have a removal or deportation order?
    - Yes, you can still apply for Deferred Action.
    Q. Puedo aplicar a la Accion Diferida aunque ya tenga una order de deportacion?
    - Si, usted puede aplicar a Accion Diferida aunque usted ya tenga una orden de deportacion.
    Q. Is it better to apply for Deferred Action or have my husband petition for me? Can my husband still petition for me if I apply for Deferred Action?
    - Deferred Action does not grant residency. Deferred Action only allows you to apply for an employment authorization, but if your husband can petition for you, you should immediately start the process, but you will still not be eligible for adjustment of status within the US, you would need to go back to your home country.
    Q. Es mejor solicitar la Accion Diferida o que mi esposo haga una peticion por mi? Puede mi esposo hacer la peticion por mi aunque yo solicite la Accion Diferida?
    - La Accion Diferida no otorga la residencia. La Accion Diferida solo le permitira aplicar para una auntorizacion de empleo, pero si su esposo puede hacer una peticion por usted, entonces deberia iniciarla inmediatamente, pero aun con Accion Diferida usted no sera elegible para ajustar su estatus dentro de los Estados Unidos. Usted tendra que viajar a su pais de origen.
    Q. My husband was deported and he is currently living in Mexico, Can I still petition for my husband?
    - Yes you can still petition for him, but the case will be a bit complicated.
    Q. Si mi esposo fue deportado y actualmente esta viviendo en Mexico, aun puedo hacer una peticion por el?
    - Si aun puede usted hacer la peticion por su esposo pero su caso sera un poco complicado.
    Q. What can I do if I feel like I was discriminated due to my race by one of the USCIS officials ?
    - This shouldn't be happening, but if that's the case you can call toll-free to 1-800-323-8603 to speak to a USCIS supervisor.
    Q. Que puedo hacer si siento que eh sido descriminado por mi raza por uno de los oficiales de USCIS?
    - Esto es algo que no debe suceder, pero si este es el caso usted puede llamar gratuitamente al 1-800-323-8603 para hablar con un supervisor de USCIS.
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    Sinae reacted to Jinpin3 in Hey new love this forum   
    Dennis here, saying hello from utah. Came from Mexico at the age of 4 I have my was approved and received my card and social a few weeks ago. I've been creeping on the forum for a while now and it's been great to find a place where we can all share our experiences.
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    Sinae reacted to REPutation in Vote to PASS the DREAM ACT   
    Last month the STEM bill passed in the house; 245 votes to 139. Stem is an immigration bill that would grant green cards for up to 55,000 foreign-born, US-trained graduates every year.The bill is now up for a vote in the Senate, if we attach the DREAM Act to it we could potentially get the DREAM Act this year.
    In order to get DREAM attached we need Senator Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, and Senator Durbin, the author of the DREAM Act to push to attach it. Please join us in making a call to these two great leaders and asking them to take a final stand for the DREAM Act!
    Call Senator Reid @ 202-224-3542
    Call Senator Durbin @ 202-224-2152
    You can also talk to your local state representative to inform them to pass the Act!
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    Sinae reacted to itzel in NO MORE DREAM ACT??? :/   
    I really like your post and this is my opinion:
    I am disappointed in thinking that every 2 years we'll have to pay the fee of 380 to renew our EAD. If the ACHIEVE act offers me the opportunity to stay in the country that I love and be able to work, go to school, and eventually raise a family, I have no problem accepting this act.
    This is a political move, allowing us to have residency but not vote against the Republicans....
    As Ive said before citizenship to me is like a brand new COACH purse, I want it but dont necessarily need it....
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    Sinae got a reaction from sanchez05 in NO MORE DREAM ACT??? :/   
    Lovely post, Sanchez. Did you write this yourself or is this a post from somewhere else? I'm jut curious.
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    Sinae reacted to sanchez05 in NO MORE DREAM ACT??? :/   
    Two Republican senators in an attempt to hijack the Obama Comprehensive Immigration Reform process have introduced a watered down version of the DREAM Act and are calling it the ACHIEVE Act. While there are several differences between the two, the biggest one is that there is no path to citizenship. In other words, people who take advantage of the three types of visas (W1, W2, and W3) will be able to live permanently in the United States if they keep meeting certain conditions but would not be able to file for naturalization. This sort of status is common in many countries like France or Japan where even immigrants who spend their lifetime or even if they are born there can only hope for permanent residence and not citizenship.
    So is the DREAM Act dead?
    At this point, it is not clear what will happen to it, but experts agree that there are simply not enough votes to pass it in its current form. That is why ACHIEVE Act may very well become the starting point for legalization of illegal immigrants who entered the country when they were minors. I have been reading that some advocates for DREAMers are fiercely opposing ACHIEVE Act but I would caution the DREAMers not to fall in their trap of false hopes. The immigrant advocacy groups have their own agenda and they would rather be in business forever than have this issue go away making them lose their jobs from all the donations that they receive.
    I think what DREAMers have to realize is that they do not want to end up in a situation that ACHIEVE Act is also killed because DREAM Act is not revived. In the end, DREAMers get nothing. It is much better to get some kind of legal status than to get nothing in the hope that a longer fight will make it eventually happen. Politics is unpredictable and in the 2014 mid-term elections, it could very well be that Democrats lose their majority in Senate too. It is very easy to kill legislation in Congress.
    I have also noticed that many DREAMer groups are literally demanding citizenship and refusing to compromise. That only turns off Americans because there is not a lot of sympathy for lawbreakers in general. A long and nasty fight with an uncompromising attitude could even turn public opinion against illegal immigrants. That is why DREAMers need to emphasize upon their leaders to tone down the rhetoric and stop being so belligerent.
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    Sinae reacted to helloS in processing time?   
    I got approved today!
    It took me 35 days to get this card.