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  1. News may look disappointing. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart says that immigration reform 2013 is dead this year and adds that if action not taken early next year, there is no chance of it being passed. Republicans have been trying to kill the immigration reform bill for a very long time. This is nothing new. But the difference is the fact that while earlier they said they will introduce the bill in the House of Representatives, this is the first time they are saying that the comprehensive immigration reform bill is dead, at least in the year 2013. A top Republican official and GOP Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida has made it clear that the long sought after immigration reform bill is dead for the year. This is in complete contrast to what top GOG official and House of Representatives speaker John Boehner who had said that he will be taking up the immigration reform this year. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart who has been closely associated with bi-partisan efforts for the bill says, “We have very few days available on the floor in the House, so I don’t think we’re going to be able to do it this year”. This must be a very disappointing news for 11 million undocumented immigrants and immigration reform advocates who were assured by Boehner of action on the reform bill. Diaz-Balart while further cutting down on hopes for the bill says, “I’m hopeful that we can get to it early next year,” he said. “But I am keenly aware that next year, you start running into the election cycle. If we cannot get it done by early next year, then it’s clearly dead. It flatlines”. But this is going to be self defeating tactics for Republicans. In the meantime an automated poll conducted by three GOP-friendly groups, the Spies’s group, Partnership for a New American Economy that is lead by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and tech industry Compete America and provided to POLITICO in advance on October 19 and 20. It covered 900 likely voters from battleground states like Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin found that US public is all for immigration reform and would warmly receive politicians who promote it. Alternatively, any politician who opposes the reform would be ignored by voters. The polls are very clear about what people think about the immigration reform. The numbers crunched by the poll say that fifty-two per cent of voters would back a politician who backs immigration reform compared and 18 per cent would not back him. Then, 54 per cent are less likely to vote for a candidate who opposes immigration reform whereas 17 per cent would be more likely. Charlie Spies, co-founder of Republicans for Immigration Reform, said in a statement, “Support for immigration reform is broad and especially strong among persuadable independents that Republicans need to win elections. There is no question that Republicans have significantly more risk in opposing immigration reform than they do in supporting it.” Republicans have been in self denial mode for long and it will cost them dearly.
  3. I got a secured credit card from my bank at the end of the March and got my credit score yesterday. It took me a little over 6 months to get a score as the banker told me. I've noticed some DACA approved people saying they got rejected on secured credit card. Secured credit card means you put deposit money and the deposit amount becomes your credit limit, so there's no reason to be rejected if the application is filled right. Even my father, who only has ITIN, was able to get the secured card. I use the website called for the score check. It monitors the credit score for free and access is available at anytime unlike many other sites. My score showed as n/a until yesterday because the bank secured card is my only credit line but it had no established score. My first official established credit score I got yesterday is 672, which is just average. I won't get approved of credit cards with low interests and great rewards because these credit cards require better credit scores. I might get approved of the chase freedom, it only requires average credit score. I won't apply for credit cards that I know I will get rejected because that leaves the records. When credit card company or bank sees these records, it gives them the sense of desperation. This red flag makes them think I'm in need of money that I don't have which leads to unpaid balance. Also, the credit score gets deducted each time you get rejected. The credit score gets deducted each time you close a credit card as well. Furthermore, the recored is left each time you go into a car dealership and give them your info. to check the available interest rate. Because what they do is put your info. in their system to get the rates from banks. But it's different from getting an auto loan from thr bank. Credit card companys and banks considers many factors when someone applys for credit line. Revolving account (such as credit cards and money market), installment account (such as loans and mortgages), depth of open credit lines, amount of debt or credit card balance, and etc. are considered. Just having one or two credit cards is not sufficient enough to raise the credit score if you plan to apply for a loan or mortgage. I first established credit card score of 672, using a secured card. It could've been a little higher if I didn't check the interest rate with the car dealers twice, try to get the car loan from my bank, and apply for the "preapproved" discover credit card that was mailed to my house. Now I'm going to go in to my bank to talk to the banker about upgrading my secured card to an unsecured card with higher limit and get my deposit back. If the banker thinks that will hurt my score, I'll keep the secured credit card open for six more months and in mean while, I'll use the unsecured card to build some legacy on that credit line before I close the secured card. I'll get a car soon for an installment account.
  4. How To Build Credit

    Oh, good. You have an auto loan in you credit line. you should make an account here so that you'll know as soon as a credit score is established. The credit bureau doesn't automatically notify you. When a score is established, check here for the credit cards you can get approved. Good luck! And remember, you might not get approved of the "pre-qualified" offers you get in mail.
  5. How To Build Credit

    Just got instant approval of a new credit card and will get the card in mail soon. This credit score estimator gives an estimated score with the list of cards you will get approved when you apply. But if you don't have an established score, there's no unsecured credit line you can open. Start from a secured credit card if you never had a credit card or loan.
  6. Never Had A Job Before

    Leave it N/A. Don't think a family members' number is a good idea for the reference. There are plenty jobs requiring no previous job experience, such as entry level medical billing recorders, pharmacy desk helps, and entry level patient care. Good luck.
  7. Update! Form I765

    Congrats! Good luck on the rest of the steps!
  8. My bro got the approval letter and the EAD in the same envelop about three days after the approval. I got my approval letter about a week after I checked my approval status from the uscis web site, the EAD came about 10 days later. So what I wanna tell you is, soon or later you'll have your EAD. Good luck on the rest of the steps. As for the SSN, my bro's took about 6 weeks and I got mine in 5 days. For a DL, I already got the permit, but I'm required to wait at least 6 weeks until I can schedule a driving test. I'm in PA. For jobs, there are plenty descent jobs that requires only GED and no previous experience. Such as 911 call operators, entry level medical billing recorders, pharmacy desk helps, ect,. Just need to write a real good cover letter. To build up your credit, everyone needs to start with a secured credit card. Ask a bankers for details. Good luck everyone!
  9. 13-Year Max For Citizenship

    I think it's a very reasonable proposal. It seems the waiting time is too long from out point of view but the Americans don't care and the government don't want to stir the indifferent citizens. It is very sad pswa will be 43 after 13 years, Santi doesn't want all that years of waiting for his mom, and every other people's life in those waiting's still better than nothing.
  10. IM finally approved

  11. so wait...

    That isn't necessary....but if you miss to prove your presence any period of time after the June of 2007, you'll get a RFE.
  12. Hobbies and activities

    Oh that's cool! You became an actor by accident lol
  13. You can do a walk-in before the appointment date when you get the appointment letter. You can't juended a walk-in right after you send in your applications.
  14. I understand you are very upset with seeing yourself missing this seemingly very good opportunity but believe in yourself. Maybe you'll miss this good chance but like Itzel says, when one door closes, the other one opens. We knew this policy was to see how we cope. But we need to understand, in order to establish a comprehensive permanent immigration reform, the government need to find a way to satisfy both illegal immigrants' side and the citizens' side at the same time. Being under the radar isn't too bad, that means at least we got ourselves a good chance to prove that granting us a legal status is a beneficial for the country.
  15. Legal Resident = Permanent Resident?

    Actually...the legal presence through the DACA acceptance is different from having a legal status. DACA granted are still illegal and the DACA status can be terminated at any time. It is stated in the i821D instruction the DACA granted immigrants are granted of legal presence but not legal status. We are simply allowed to work and pay taxes.
  16. Dream Act Wiki

    Not a good idea moe. All the general topics are covered and most of the information can be found pretty easily already. If you make this kind of Wikipedia, I would think it is for a thorough and in-depth topics. But not many people can cover that. And my biggest worry is someone starting a topic and make it seems like the covered topic is true when it isn't. After all the Wikipedia is known for its untrustworthiness. The Wikipedia surely is a good source if information but not everything from there is correct. Moe, the forum is good enough as it is now. If anyone's in a special case and requiring further assistance, it's on them to find some legal representative or an organization.
  17. Whats next?

    That was really quick. Congrats on the rest of he steps
  18. Newbie here :)

    You can do whatever you want to do. Your current lawyer would work for you if you pay him the money but you are not obligated to continuing the work through him if you are not pleased for any reason. You can apply for the DACA as long as you are enrolled in a school before you apply for the DACA. In my case, I prepared the applications and documents of my case and my brother's, and just had a lawyer check through the papers. He charged me very fair amount, which was just a little more than the fee of a consultation. Good luck on your application and welcome to the forum.
  19. Really Important!

    My case is in vermont, too, and I called on Friday evening because I just thought that I'll check the case status with a USCIS representive. That kind of information was not given to me. The representative said that he could see my case is under the initial review. I doubt the exact date of one's case review can be given by any representative over the phone, nor a representative be able to see that kind of information. The reason being, my brother's birth day was incorrect on the i821D receipt and I asked the representative if he could see the order I requested for the information change, he said he can't see and isn't allowed to be able to see that kind of information, so he had to transfer me to a different phone line for the information detail check. So I don't if that review date you were given was correct. After all, the phone representative you talked over the phone isn't the officer who is in charge of your case review.
  20. how long do i have to wait???

    There's no example of waiting time that can be given to anyone who is applying for the Deferred Action. Everyone got different cases. But if your lawyer's pretty optimistic about your case, be patient and let's wait. It seems like your final hearing for deportation possibly get delayed a little? You'll be fine, you got a case going on and you won't be deported before you get your DACA result.
  21. Rejection.

    Your papers are rejected to be submitted because of the incompletion, which is good since your case isn't denied!!! So sign the application and send them back. Have someone look over your papers. Good luck!
  22. Who Helped you with your DACA application

    I prepared everything and filled out the applications myself. I got a lawyer to go through the papers for my case and my brother's. He was very helpful and the charge was very low because I prepared everything and the lawyer just had to check through the papers.
  23. I don't think its your status matter? No one told you you were unhirable because of any immigration matter. It could be simply because you have no past experience.
  24. Question about I-765

    Im assuming you are in dilemma about that because you don't have the I-94 fi yor initial entry, right? Do you have some evident to show you were here before 2004, possibly from 2000? If yes, write down your initial entry date 2000. Even if you don't have anything to show your presence from 2000, I would put down the initial entry. If you leave the space blank, your application will come back to you in the form of RFE.