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  1. !!!!!!!

    Hope this act or law passes tomorrow!
  2. Approved

    Congratulation~ So nice to hear people getting approval
  3. College Tuition After Daca

    Thank you guys for your answers! I sent email to college adviser and financial office my situation. Hope they give me a good news.
  4. Im living washington state and just recieved EAD and SSN! Yea!! Now im trying to apply college since I can work legally. However, community college told me that I am non resident and need to pay non resident rated tuition like internationals which is $1300.00 per 5 credits..... I lived here since 2005, and i never have been out of the U.S. I graduated high school from here, too. I thought I could attend college in instate resident rate. Does anybody have same problem as high tuition? Or can give me advice?
  5. sign petition please! :)

    just signed it~
  6. I lost my passport by some reason but i still have copies of my i 94 and visa. Should it work?
  7. Welcome to the forums oukko :)

    1. oukko


      Thank you for greeting :) It's so happy day, isn't it?